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How can friends ruin your marriage


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This article is not an appeal at all married couples to break off their relationship with friends, lock themselves away at home, and keep nobody away from them. But in what situations is it worth being cautious with people who are close to your family? Can best friends destroy
a happy relationship? Married couples often wonder “where
“why isn’t anyone calling us anywhere?” et cetera.
Is it good or bad?

Imagine a happy marriage, all the compromises have been found long ago, and you live just soul to soul. She wakes up early in the morning with him to spend it at work (though she herself has nowhere to hurry). She likes to cook him breakfast, iron his shirt and spend a little more time together. He feels her care and knows that when she comes back from work late at night, she will wait for him with dinner and meet him with a kiss. He always hurries to her home, spoils and they will spend the weekend together.
And so it is in everything. Everything is as good as a Swiss watch in the family. Well, how can such an idyll be shaken by best friends? But how can you not envy such an idyll?

Jealousy is an insidious feeling that even close people can control. It can be open or hidden, its signs are hard to miss even in social conversations with friends and girlfriends.
Sometimes jealousy pushes people to do bad things, especially if their lives are not as smooth as yours.

In this state, people will find weak points in their relationships, pushing them to compare them to themselves. And your favorite girlfriends give you advice on the right and left, which sows doubts in the person you love.

“You have nothing to do –
to get up so early. I would sleep better. Doesn’t he have his own breakfast
to cook? Mine cooks for itself, and I sleep until lunch.

Someone from such words will start to dig into themselves for a long time, suddenly I do something wrong … Girlfriend does not wish bad. Doubts grow like a snowball, pouring into an avalanche of claims to the beloved. A “good” friend will add oil to the fire – “you did everything right! It’s better to be alone than like this…”

Always have your head on your shoulders. If you’re good with each other, skip the “jealous” advice from your friends. This is how you show care and love for each other, who cares how you do it. Never compare your couple with others. Every relationship develops at its own pace and in its own direction. Set your own goals on your own, not by imitating someone else.

Boasting. Also, let it go by your ears. Why do people brag? Draw attention to your person or poking you with your nose “what have you achieved? Is this what real friends do? You compare, there are doubts and new questions. And there are people who just
it’s nice for others to feel bad. Sometimes friends break up a couple because they are jealous of one of their spouses, using their “best friend” status.

The recipe for a happy relationship in each couple is different. When the other half and your best friend in the same person, in…there will be fewer jealous advisors around here. Happiness – loves silence.