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Host for god

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Host for god

“One of the tenets of Christianity is that man is like God. For example, in what I exactly resemble the Lord, and He resembles me: we both love to create problems for ourselves. ”

The closer the important holiday was for us, the more we were bursting with the main question: what will we find under the Christmas tree? Someone wanted a new bike, someone dreamed about a game console. Someone with better imagination ordered Grandfather Frost a horse. But what did God prepare for Easter for us? We turn to this question to the Creator of the world, revealing the Bible, or rather the New Testament, near the end. “But God proves His love for us by the fact that Christ died for us when we were still sinners. Therefore, all the more now, having been justified by His Blood, we will be saved by Him from wrath. For if, being enemies, we were reconciled with God by the death of His Son, all the more, having reconciled, we will be saved by His life ”(Rom 5: 8-10). Let's unroll the ribbon and look at the packaging …

But first, we make a selection. We ask you to leave the room for those for whom Easter is a beautiful rite. Easter cakes could be consecrated early in the morning on Holy Saturday, lovingly pushing their brothers and sisters in Christ. Now all the traditions are observed, you can calmly raise a toast, hit an egg on an egg and drink for “something there” above. Fine, but you were clearly mistaken by the door. Everything is more serious here.

And what are we left with? With the fact that it is so difficult to explain not only to external people, but even sometimes to ourselves. It’s not so difficult to believe that the world has a Creator. The apostle Paul spoke of this (Rom. 1:20). But then everything reminds either a fairy tale, or an ancient Greek myth: God descends from heaven, walks the streets of the city of Jerusalem, communicates with ordinary mortals, and then gives Himself to kill. It is as if Putin went to the people, just, without protection, to walk around the city. Cool, but implausible. And the main question inherent in directors: “Why?”. Well, the remark is fair, let's try to give an answer to it.

One of the tenets of Christianity is that man is like God. For example, in what I exactly resemble the Lord, and He resembles me: we both love to create problems for ourselves.

For example, the Most High created man free. And UNLIMITED free. And it was precisely this quality that contributed to the fact that man was separated from God (in the Bible this is represented by the famous symbolic episode with an apple). How was it necessary for God to act under the condition that it is impossible to violate the freedom of His creation? There were probably some other options, but He preferred to share with the people everything that fell to their lot. As one preacher said, God was so distraught with love for man that he left His transcendence and went to his salvation. To find out how this ended, just look at the dome of any temple.

For centuries, theologians have argued: how exactly did reconciliation of man with God?

How exactly did Christ heal the fallen nature of man, subject to corruption and sins? After all, if you look carefully, nothing has changed – both we died, and we die, as we sinned, and we sin. Judaism often uses this argument when it says that the real Messiah (Savior) in our world has not yet shown its nose. What can I object to this?

At this point, I digress and encourage readers to recall the name of Raymond Moody. This man did a lot of research on the post-mortem state of a person, describing the experiences of 150 people after clinical death. In my opinion, he thereby proved the continuation of life after the physical death of a person and confirmed the basic tenet of Christianity. Indeed, before the coming of Christ this luxury – namely, the option of eternal life – was inaccessible to man. This is explicitly and frankly (albeit in a gentle regime) in the Old Testament, for example, in the Book of Job ("Or there is a lot of my life. Leave me to rest a bit before I leave where I will not return."). It was the unblocking of this “feature” that became the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And now again we invite to the room those for whom Easter is a tradition, since, according to John Chrysostom, “come here fasting and non-fasting”. And we ask: is everything still cute, colorful and beautiful for you? You do not see the tragedy of universal scale? Don't you think it would be, would Mary say no to the archangel Gabriel? For you, God is still somewhere there, on the sidelines of life, or rather, in heaven, where it is not necessary to look up from the Easter table?

Shot from the movie Venom (2018)

Sometimes they ask me a question: why do you like the Venom movie so much? For those who are not in the know: a movie about a reporter who caught up with an alien parasite, who entered into a kind of symbiotic union with him, recently made a sensation in the movie. The journalist became for him a carrier – a host, and Venom – a source of strength and vitality. Now I apologize in advance to all those whose religious feelings I may insult, and while I will call my lawyer, I want to quickly say: we must become the same hosts for God. So that the Risen Christ will come out of His grave and come into us – together with the Easter midnight Communion.

And so that until the next Easter, in spite of all our failures, we would be with Him in a round-the-clock symbiosis – inextricably and inseparably. Christ is Risen! Truly risen!

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