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Holy Fathers, books, films, music

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Holy Fathers, books, films, music


Last time we introduced you to the 10 most popular books recorded by Tradition. Over the past two weeks, managed to add several new audio books:

IV EXECUTIVE SUMMARY– Interpretations of Ephraim the Syrian on the Gospels and the Epistles of the Apostle Paul.

“The Six Day” of John Exarch is one of the main patristic interpretations of the book of Genesis.

– “The Holy Fathers of the XIX – XX centuries. On Prayer and Spiritual Life ”- an audiobook that combines the following works:“ The Beginning of Spiritual Life ”and“ Four Words on Prayer ”by Feofan the Recluse,“ Conversation on the Purpose of the Christian Life ”by Serafim Sarovsky,“ Unreleased Diary ”by John of Kronstadt,“ Inscriptions on fields of the book of St. Ignatius "and" Tips and teachings "of Nikon Optinsky.

“The Tale of Two Cities” is a brilliant historical novel by Charles Dickens about the times of the French Revolution. The main bestseller in the history of English prose. “A model of the highest, flowing from the love of God and neighbor, religious art”, – Leo Tolstoy spoke of the “Tale of Two Cities”.

“Great Expectations” is a world classic, one of Dickens' best novels. The story of innocence, temptations and trials, good and evil. We downloaded an audiobook and audio performance.

Also added a few new books simply "in the text":

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF THE SECURITY“Socrates Meets Machiavelli” is a book by Peter Crift, a Christian apologist and thinker, follower of C. S. Lewis. The book is intended as a “guide for dummies,” an introduction to Machiavelli’s philosophy: Socrates and Machiavelli meet in the afterlife, and the first in his illustrious “Socratic” manner asks the second about his philosophy. Krift, indeed, fulfilling the task of educational program according to the philosophy of Machiavelli, also decides another – its Christian criticism. Thus, this book is also an experience of Christian political philosophy.

– “Essays on the History of Russian Church Troubles” by Anatoly Krasnov-Levitin (co-authored with Vadim Shavrov) is probably the main work on the history of renovationism. Its both minus and plus is subjectivity: the author is a participant in renovationism himself, who later returned to the canonical Church; he writes from his memoirs and the memoirs of other participants.

Also added two new lectures to the course of Alexander Filonenko “Anthropology of the game”.


They say that parents hide from small children, and large children hide from parents. Adolescence is the time when we want to talk with children, but now it is not so easy to enter their room. We offer you 10 films – 10 good reasons to talk with teens about loneliness, about bullying, about acceptance, about love, about grief and about joy.

But the film is not for teenagers: “Teresa D.” by Claude Miller (2012) is a film adaptation of Moriak’s classic novel “Teresa Desqueiro”. The wife is killing her husband. The story of how a family can turn into a prison. About the “respectable” Pharisees and victims guilty in the eyes of society. More broadly, Theresa Desqueiro is a story on the eternal theme of Christian literature: on the path of a sinner, on repentance. This film is not only a film adaptation of Moriak’s novel, but also a re-shoot of the film Frangio. But if Franjuu abundantly quotes the text of Moriak himself, then Miller does not: he wants to show, not tell the story of Teresa. Starring – Audrey Tatu.


We shall see him as he is"We Shall See Him As He Is" (1992) – a number of musical icons of Christ; Passion week in music. John Tavener is a classic of modern composer music, one of the leaders of “sacred minimalism”, Orthodox in religion.

“Chimes. After reading Vasily Shukshin. The symphony is an action for the choir, soloists, oboe and percussion ”, probably the main creation of the composer Valery Gavrilin, about which he himself said:“ This composition is closest in form to the mystery. In Russian, this is called an action. Such a choral symphony is an action. There are elements of theatricalization, an element of plot. This is a cross between opera and oratorio. The beginning and the end are a difficult road. And in the middle is light. He is and will always be in life. ” The music of “Chimes” was composed of folk (in particular, robber songs, ditties, cries) and church music, bell ringing (in “Prayer” – the culmination of “Chimes” – the text of “The teachings of Vladimir Monomakh” was used).

Vyacheslav Kochnov wrote about "Chimes", about that. how they wrote about God in a godless era and why Valery Gavrilin is not performed in the West.

Article “From Punks to Monks: A History of Death to the World Magazine”: California Orthodox Punks; Orthodoxy as a punk religion.


– We are opening a new section where we will talk about people with disabilities who, in the battle with their illness, were able to emerge victorious. It would seem that they should have been forgotten for a long time, but they managed to “stake out” a place for themselves so that they are still remembered. And the most amazing thing: they wrote, painted, did a thousand things, not only in the XX-XXI centuries, when people with disabilities have a lot of help, but also in time immemorial. In conditions that cannot even be imagined by a modern person. And today we will talk about the nineteenth century, about Cesar Ducorn (1806-1856).

– Timur Schukin wrote the text “The only one worthy of contemplation” for Transfiguration: “Thanks to God, who, just like us, now Man, the world in us and around us does not multiply and does not break up. We get a lot in unity. God, connecting with man, becomes what He created, but remains God, and man receives everything, absolutely everything that God possesses. From what and why now to choose? ”

– In the news feed flashed unexpected survey results. According to VTsIOM, youth has become completely irreligious. Denis Sobur understands this situation.

“The incident of violence during baptism, a video of which the Internet has been discussing for several days, is a direct and inevitable consequence of the development of church life in all thirty post-Soviet years,” says Yuri Belanovsky.

– Why do the right parents of children go off the bat and why look for the meaning of faith when there is no faith itself, reflects Anna Ershova.

– Anna Suvorova reflects on fasting: “Until you restore yourself to the state of just a living, whole person, it’s probably too early to think about real penance … But God helps us — especially in fasting, and can resurrect the human in us, and then His Form".

“The disappointment in faith and the desire to leave the Church and not return anymore is, in general, logical,” Vladimir Berkhin believes. What to do and whether it is necessary?

– Do not think that any pleasure is a sin. Read carefully the Holy Fathers, for example, St. John of Damascus, says Nikolai Breev.

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