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Higher Minds – Channeling Forecast for DECEMBER 2018.

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Higher Minds - Channeling Forecast for DECEMBER 2018.

Today is the 1st of December 2018. – Today we pass the forecast for the month of December. This channeling is conveyed by Higher Intelligences – Arcturians, the Sirius System, the Pleiades System.

This month you are summing up, this month you are planning a vacation, this month you are planning, perhaps next year – in some way. Plan inside yourself – in your feelings, in your thoughts, in your hopes.

What will happen this month? – there will be, or manifest, the difference of groups of people in the following areas.

A group of people who were engaged in their development, who were engaged in breaking the deadlock, or at least finding a way out of the deadlock, solving situations for the purpose of spiritual growth – both their own and those people who are involved in this situation – this group will be, We would say , accept gifts. Gifts in the sense that you will have awareness, you will have the joy of being, you will have peace of mind, you will have a long-awaited feeling of self-sufficiency and control over your life. This is what helps to strive for new goals, to achieve what you are even afraid to imagine. This gives a lot of support in the development of the Power of the Spirit, the Force of Will, expands your boundaries of understanding the space, the limits of your being. This is what makes a person happy.

The other group is more like people who moved blindly, like everyone else, lived blindly, like everyone else — this is a fairly large group of people. These people will understand that in fact they are left to themselves / themselves and further they cannot perform the same actions as they are used to, or copy others in their life activity or in their decision making. "Copy others" – this means doing as you used to for many years, because society influenced you, Egregors influenced you. Those. These are certain programs of action – to earn, to go to rest, to have a family, to have an income – “to be like everyone else.” You will begin to enter a state of dense vacuum, as if something is missing for you – and you lack enough vital energy, energy of development. And, finally, you will have the desire to know “and what is beyond this boundary of ordinary physical reality?” Just beyond this boundary is your happiness – what you didn’t know, but you can find it. This is the understanding that you are part of something great, that you are immortal, that you can create, that you can control your reality, etc. When you pass the month of December, by the end of December, you will have a desire, you will have a goal, and you will be able to choose the direction of some kind of spiritual growth – what would you like to do, what would you like to master. Do not be afraid to go into it, because there is nothing left to wait any longer.

And the third group of people – We call them "unshakable." They decided to keep to the end in their ignorance, they will not develop, they do not want to change their comfort zone, and they just start “Christmas fireworks”. This is when suddenly, in one completely inappropriate moment, some facts are revealed that they would not like to reveal. This will be the “holiday with a dark shade”, which no one would like to attend. All their “skeletons in the closet” will begin to open up, everything that they did not want to admit about themselves — themselves / themselves — will begin to unfold. They will feel uncomfortable and they will have to live in this state for a long time. Because they have decided not to go into development, not to move to New Earth, Higher Intelligences will work with these people, who have access to work on Earth with such people – so that they begin to realize that this is not quite the True Development Path. You will see such people on television, you will see them among your acquaintances, relatives, relatives. If this happens to you, you can simply, what you call, send them your Love, support them somehow – perhaps morally, maybe Spiritually (that is, you can pray for them) and leave them to fight with theirs " shadows "- those shadows that they take for reality. With that state of illusory goals, to which they walked all their lives and which will disintegrate – like a tree after the new year, in which needles fall down.

We hope that many of you who listen to these predictions belong to the first group. And We wish, nevertheless, Spiritual development, the Power of the Spirit, and, especially the third group, the changes of our decision – in order to become a real creator of our reality.

We wish you all success, goodbye.

Inessa Guterman, December 1, 2018

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