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Healing method of laughing photos.

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Healing method of laughing photos.

Everyone knows about the need for a positive attitude towards themselves and to life in general. You can often hear that happy events promote health and provide a setting for longevity. The popular recommendation is quite popular: look in the mirror, smile, and for anything, of course, praise yourself.

The question arises: is it possible for therapeutic purposes to influence a person’s subconscious with fixed positive emotions? Experimentally, I tried to find the answer. I started by looking at my own photos, where I was captured laughing.

Choosing the best, I increased it and hung it on the wall at home so that it more often came to my eyes. I looked at her with curiosity. There was a feeling that in my mind, but rather in the subconscious, though slowly, but penetrates a new idea of ​​myself: here I am, it turns out, how cheerful and cheerful!

At first I paid attention to the reduction of my own anxiety and took this condition for granted. This, apparently, contributed to the emotions recorded in the photograph. But when a little more than three months passed, I suddenly noticed that all the symptoms of hereditary hypertension completely disappeared.

This result did not leave me indifferent. I remember how then I approached my photographic portrait and, smiling at him, mentally said: “So here I am – cheerful, cheerful, and now healthy!” At the same time I thought: “If in three months such a good result is achieved, then will it be in a year or two? ”

Now we can safely say that the positive emotions recorded in our own photos are firmly embedded in the consciousness, and this, in turn, has a tremendous impact on the entire body. Well, how could you not share this discovery with others?

And I shared. First of all, with those whom I advise as a psychologist. I advised them to follow my example. Some time passed, and they began to tell me that, in addition to solving psychological problems, my patients began to cure various associated diseases more quickly: nervous, skin, ulcers and, of course, hypertension, like myself. In their minds, there used to be no own image at all. But now he suddenly appeared, and even so attractive.

Lidia Mikhailovna, a teacher by profession, says: “Now,“ laughing ”photos of my husband, three children, and two grandchildren are already hanging next to my portrait. You cannot imagine what a stunning effect arises when you see so many smiling relatives at once. From each other, we now expect only a friendly attitude.

So it happens, we joke all the time. What diseases can there be in such a situation? I already hurried to share my experience with the parents of my students at school. Everyone became interested, and a kind of secret society was formed here. Today, cruelty and callousness have completely disappeared in the classroom between children. For me, this is the main result.

Here is just one line from the composition of my student: “Everybody likes my smile, and I no longer need to draw attention to myself with boldness. But he was a real bully. ”

Even the way in which the "laughing" photos are posted was important. For families where children lack the attention of adults, where they feel insecure, it was recommended to place the portraits in one line: at the edges – the photo of parents, and in the center – the photo of children. And the portraits of the parents were made in the size of 20 x 30 cm, and the children – 15 x 20 cm. On each inscription: "One for all and all for one."

The fact that disputes in the family stopped, I was informed a month later. In such a short time, the perception of oneself and of the family as a whole has changed: everyone began to feel a solid team.

I received a very interesting letter recently from Samara from Sergey, the owner of the bakery. He writes that he had long suffered from a cardiovascular disease (I omit a detailed description of his illness) and was in preinfarction state.

“I have always had difficulties with visual memory,” he writes, “
but I so wanted to improve my health … I often looked at my photo, and then closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself. He remembered himself laughing, and then recovered very soon. I am a former architect, so I considered my “laughing” photo as my best project, which I really wanted to bring to life. ” Sergey also convinced other bakery workers to take pictures and place their “laughing” portraits near workplaces. For this, he invited a photographer to the bakery. “Adults enjoyed this event like children. They laughed each other, made fun … All the photos turned out amazingly. In fact, employees are used to following my example. And now they say that they will always work only in our bakery, that they will not find such a pleasant working atmosphere anywhere else. It's great!"

Tamara Ivanovna from Tikhoretsk wrote that her "life train" took a new course on longevity. This happened thanks to the magic of her “laughing” photo, and she no longer doubts her love of life … “Diseases,” she writes, “are showered from me like dried mud from shoes. Up to 100 years without pain and misfortune – now my slogan! ”She also took a picture of her son. At her request, in the photo studio in the photo of her child, they made an inscription: “Here I am how cheerful and cheerful.” "I let him down to the portrait portrait and said: here you are real." Now, phenomenal changes are taking place with her son: he has become balanced and self-confident, a leader in his company and in the classroom. Mother is very pleased with this result.

It is difficult to predict exactly how your body will react to your "laughing" photo. One she helped easier to endure a difficult pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child. Another is to prevent illness or depression in case of big troubles. The third is to get up faster after a serious injury. One thing is certain: the benefits will be certain. Many say that having such a photo will soon become as common as brushing your teeth in the morning.

Under the influence of “laughing” portraits, people gradually change their perception of themselves, their behavior, and relations with others. And as a result of all this, they get rid of many diseases that have a neuropsychiatric nature.

The most significant achievements were obtained with the collective use of the method: at work, in families, in the classrooms of schools. I will dwell on one such case, which I consider very important.

In children's groups, placement of photos of the whole group turned out to be very effective (it is important not to forget anyone). As a result, in addition to the individual image “I’m what!” In the minds of children, an additional collective is formed – “Here we are what!”.

This greatly reduces their sense of threat, allegedly emanating from others. Children become liberated, more open to communication and perception of new knowledge.

This is what a 7th grade student told his parents, who had almost always returned home from school with a headache: “We stopped being afraid to go to the blackboard, we answer better, the teachers now treat us much kinder …”

He and his classmates, on the initiative of their parents, hung out in their classroom photographs in which the children were captured laughing. Above the stand made the inscription: "Here we are real." The teachers saw their wards in a completely different light, and then they themselves made a similar stand with their wonderful photos. It is not difficult to guess how the life of both children and adults changed after that.

Alexey Chaly

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