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Hathor Planetary Meditation Trilliums (Tom Kenyon). 09/21/2018.

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Hathor Planetary Meditation Trilliums (Tom Kenyon). 09/21/2018.

Translation: Jan Lysakov Edited by Valery Lysakov

In this message, we want to share with you a simple but very effective method of achieving the quantum potentials of your body. This technique will allow you to attract and use the more subtle energies of other dimensions of consciousness that can improve your life.


Trilliums are quantum force fields that occur every time two subatomic particles join.

When subatomic particles begin to form atoms, these quantum force fields are amplified. And when atoms begin to form molecules, they become much more intense and more complex.

From this point of view, your body is a complexly organized generator of interconnected and interacting force fields that spontaneously arise in its cells.

These cellular quantum force fields tend to evolve into an exquisitely organized quantum attractor that draws subtle energies from your environment to the cells of your body. This process goes on regardless of whether you recognize it or not, automatically, reflexively occurring in the cell matrix, which you call your body.

There are a few oddities about Trilliums. One of them is in their mysterious nature. They act independently of your consciousness, but they are very deeply influenced by your deep beliefs and ideas about the nature of reality. In other words, Trilliums are programmed, on a quantum level, by the incomprehensible and mysterious interaction between consciousness and matter.

Two people living in the same environment can attract completely different subtle energies to themselves, depending on their deep beliefs and ideas. And these differences, in turn, significantly affect both their perceived "reality" (and what they consider possible), and what they ultimately are able to do within the framework of this perceived "reality".

Despite the fact that Trilliums undoubtedly work automatically, based on the fact that they are programmed to attract, they are also quite easily influenced by your focused intentions.

The value of working with Trilliums lies in the ability to attract restoring and balancing energies from other levels of the Cosmos.

This means that you can attract energies that contribute to maintaining and raising your level not only from the physical dimension in which your body is located.

It is the ability of the Trilliums to attract the subtle energies of other dimensions beyond the physical dimension of your planet that is the main reason for our message today.

Planetary changes.

In previous messages, we talked about various environmental issues facing your planet. In order to better familiarize yourself with this, we advise you to refer to our previous message, "Multidimensional Cognition." In it, we gave some predictions regarding the terrestrial ecosystem. In particular with regard to what ecologists call the Sixth Mass Extinction.

When we talk about this phenomenon, we mean the fact of the disappearance on Earth during the previous five similar periods of many species of plants and animals.

From our point of view, as well as from the point of view of many terrestrial ecologists, you have quite distinctly entered the period of the Sixth Mass Extinction.

Speaking about this, we would like to clearly say that despite the fact that the probability of the Sixth Mass Extinction is very high in your timeline, it is not predetermined and has not yet acquired full certainty, since the course of events can be changed even at the very last moment . If, however, humanity does not change its attitude towards the nature and ecosystem of the Earth, the Sixth Mass Extinction will continue and develop.

The Sixth Mass Extinction does not mean the destruction and disappearance of all humanity, but it does mean that the vast majority of humanity will be affected.

We feel that the next twenty-five years will cause a quick and radical change in your planet and, accordingly, your collective consciousness.

The intensity of the storms throughout the Earth will increase, and they will become more and more destructive. Ocean level will rise faster than expected. And those who live in the coastal zone may find that they will have to move inland faster than your scientists predict.

All of these environmental changes create tremendous pressure on wildlife and botanical life forms, such as trees and diatoms – the tiny microorganisms that inhabit your oceans. Together with trees, diatoms and other phytoplankton organisms are responsible for creating most of the oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere.

Huge forests on Earth are at risk due to their economic development, and the development of trees and phytoplankton is adversely affected by climate change and environmental pollution created by modern technology. Oceans are becoming increasingly “acidified” and this creates chaos and negatively affects both oceanic and terrestrial life forms.

If the Sixth Mass Extinction continues unchanged, then most of humanity will simply become part of earthly history. Those foci of humanity that are able to survive will lead a completely different lifestyle. They will serve nature rather than dominate it, and a collective understanding of the need for cooperation will be “engraved” in the minds of each individual.

The separation of people according to cultural or religious principles will become much less important than is currently observed. This will be due to the fact that for the sake of survival, people will be forced to set aside their differences in search of a new common ground (by the way, we speak here figuratively and literally).

This new person will be more “transparent” and open to other dimensions of consciousness.

This means that future people will be able to make direct conscious contact with other galactic and intergalactic beings, as well as with incorporeal minds, such as angels and energy beings.

By the end of the next four centuries, an increasing number of people will be able to undertake space exploration, and humanity will begin to turn into a cosmic civilization.

This will, of course, be a strange time, as some people will try to escape from the terrible environmental changes, while others will remain committed to all life on Earth. And this new kind of humanity will find new, creative ways of survival and prosperity. These new ways of interacting with a changing Earth will include new types of food and medicine that have yet to be created.

Returning to the upcoming people of twenty-five years, it is worth saying that climate change will inevitably cause a lack of food and clean water around the world.

Due to pressure on all biological systems and a deterioration in the quality of water and air, the food and water you consume will gradually lose their vitality.

In other words, it will be increasingly difficult for you to extract nutrients and vitality from your environment, on which humanity has relied on for thousands of years.

Trilliums as another source of nutrition and sustaining life.

Trilliums are a tool that can help you use life support sources that are in other dimensions, beyond earthly reality. It is also a tool that allows you to bring “nutrition” and favorable energies to the cells of your body that can strengthen you. It is interesting that this form of subtle energy can take any form, including the "manna", which is mentioned in the Old Testament, and the Qur'an, the source of which lies outside of earthly reality.

Mastering your Trilliums can be a very useful skill as you become more and more immersed in the chaotic nature of the transformation that you are facing.

The hardest part about Trilliums is their simplicity. You do not need to "DO" anything in order to activate them, because they are active 24 hours a day. All you need to do is to determine the energies that you attract to yourself, and this can be done simply by keeping the focus of your attention.

If, for example, you need more vitality or healing energy, relax, calm your mind and become aware of your body with the understanding that each of your cells is a quantum attractor. As soon as you accept this and focus on this intention, the Trilliums of your body will begin to attract the energies of other dimensions of the Cosmos. If the mind begins to be distracted, simply return it to the awareness of your body and your intention, with the realization that this simple act of focused intention will engage your Trilliums.

We recommend that you experiment with attracting a wide variety of types of positive energies that you would like to experience at the level of your cell matrix or your body. The types of these energies that you can thus attract to yourself are almost endless.

You will more effectively use the potential of Trilliums if you enter an altered state of consciousness, since this ability goes beyond the limits of normal human perception.

We created Trillium Sound Meditation to help you shift your perception of your reality. A link to it is at the end of this message.

To use the potential of this Sound Meditation, you only need to move your consciousness into the body, relax and listen to the sound codes. And then focus on your intention with the realization that you are thereby activating Trilliums within yourself. Following their nature, they will begin to attract subtle energies of other dimensions of consciousness into your body in accordance with your chosen intention.

Trillium activation will be more effective if you enter a coherent emotional state of gratitude and appreciation.

Instead of explaining why this happens, we suggest you read the previous message of the Hathors, “Multiversum Sound Meditation.”

We wish you much success in your exploration of the Trilliums. We believe this is the greatest gift we can give you now.

May this knowledge be a blessing to you and your loved ones, as well as to all intelligent beings, as all of you collectively cross the threshold into great planetary uncertainty.


September 21, 2018


Thoughts and comments of Tom.

Since the Hathors began their message with a link to the previous one, entitled “Multidimensional Knowledge,” I would like to begin my comment with the very first sentence of this message:

"Your world is now in the middle of a colossal process of change and transformation."

I personally consider the word “metamorphoses” used here to be especially successful, as it is used to mean transformation and change of form.

A quick historical look at life on Earth clearly shows that we are now right in the middle of a very radical transformation process. And the form, the way of our life (i.e. the way we live this life) undoubtedly changes. Part of these changes is that we and the whole world culture psychologically separate ourselves more and more from nature. The consequences of this separation from its natural source contribute to the collective neglect of nature with the most sinister consequences for all biological life (including ourselves), if we do not radically change this behavior and attitude towards nature.

I am not going to discuss here the predictions of the Hathors regarding our near future, since their words are quite accurate and understandable.

Regarding these predictions, I recall the comment made in the self-improvement subculture: “Truth will set you free, but at first it can make you angry.”

I think that there is a great deal of truth to this statement when it comes to knowing any model, whether it is about personal psychological inclinations, a social norm, or about our current predicament regarding the rapidly changing ecosystem of the Earth.

From the very beginning of our collaboration in the late 1980s, the Hathors made it clear to me that external situations and events are not as important for spiritual evolution as our internal choice.

They believe that our choice in various circumstances of our lives determines and shapes the deeper levels of our consciousness, and these internal attributes determine our subsequent incarnations. In other words, our choice of events and challenges of our current life directly affects the quality of our experience, as well as the opportunities that await us in subsequent incarnations, regardless of where they go, in the world of matter, or in the world of light.

Thus, from this point of view, our present life with all its uncertainty and chaos provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to move forward and upward in consciousness very quickly. Unless, of course, we make elections that strengthen the upward direction of this movement.

With all of this in mind, I would like to point out a few things regarding the Trillium Hathors presented.

First of all, there is a species of a perennial plant called Trillium, but it has nothing to do with the term Hathors, except for the fact that these plants, like any biological organism, have quantum attractors.

In carrying out this work, several important points should be kept in mind. Hathors strongly recommend that you enter a coherent emotional state when you work with Trilliums. From the moment I received this information and in the process of preparing for the last seminar, I worked a lot, variably and in different situations with Trilliums. And I can say from personal experience that my Trilliums increase significantly when I enter this emotional state.

Most of us live in different emotional niches depending on what we are experiencing at the moment. If you happen to feel yourself and the world on the basis of incoherent emotions (such as fear, hostility, sadness, or many other incoherent emotional states that we humans are exposed to), it may be difficult for you to properly attract your Trilliums. And, as a result, you cannot attract to yourself those favorable energies of the Cosmos that you intend to.

Therefore, the first step in working with Trilliums is to honestly determine your own emotional state.

This self-esteem, by the way, is based on pure pragmatism and has nothing to do with self-criticism. By their very nature, many of us are affected by various types of incoherent emotions, and rapid changes in our world certainly contribute in many cases to their amplification.

Our task is to determine what state we are in, and if we are in a state of incoherence (i.e. negativity), find a way to transition to a coherent state. The Hathors talked about how to achieve this in a previous message. In the message "Sound Meditation of the Multiverse." It discussed how to go into a coherent emotional state of one's own free will. You can also find a description of this method in the article "Gratitude and Appreciation."

The second and last thing that I would like to note regarding the Trilliums is that attracting favorable energies for recovery and using them is, in fact, a passive state. You do not need to “DO” anything in order to activate the Trilliums, since they always attract energy from your environment to yourself and to the cells of your body.

To be effective in this work, you only need to keep the intention, determining the energies that you would like to attract into your body. This is not achieved by concentration, which, in this case, would be at least counterproductive. The reason is that concentration creates mental tension, and Trilliums are most effective when the mind is free and simply and easily holds the intention.

Ironically, this simplicity is probably the most difficult part of this work. Most of us are used to working hard to achieve something. But when it comes to subtle energies, the less effort you put in, the better the result.

An excerpt from Trillium Sound Meditation, first presented at the Hathor Workshop in 2018, is located in the sound files section of our website and is available for personal listening. A link to it is at the end of this message after my comments.

The duration of the sound file is 5:53 minutes. I worked with this shortened version of meditation and I can say that it is more than enough to activate Trilliums. Those who find this insufficient will always be able to repeat the listen and run the file again.

Sound Meditation Trilliums

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