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Harmful tips from glossy magazines that harm relationships


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Open any printed or online publication and find the section “Relationships” where experts give advice on how to build a happy relationship. And what do you see there with a 99% chance? Of course, a guide to action that teaches you how to take initiative and please your “princes” in every possible way, or you will run away to others who are more accommodating. In order not to miss out on your “treasure”, you have to go out of your way to make sure that the man is okay. As a result, the girls have earned the eternal fear of being alone.
The most terrible tips that only spoil the relationship.

1. Do not be afraid to take the initiative.

In the last decade, there has been a worldwide substitution of notions. If earlier it was supposed that men should seek a girl, give flowers and care for her, now the strong sex refuses these patterns. I am well aware that society must develop and that the rules that were in place 500 years ago are no longer relevant. But what have we got as a result of emancipation? Men who don’t want to take responsibility and girls who roar in their pillows because of disrespect for themselves.
Remember, men only say that they are absolutely okay with girls approaching, calling and texting themselves. But no matter how fashionable and modern the guy is, there is a hunter inside him who cannot be “etched”. Yes, a girl who will come and meet herself is unlikely to be refused, but she will not hear the words: “Marry me.

2. Constantly talking to a man about relationships.

It is only in films about love conversations with a man seem very sensual and cute. In fact, any conversation about relationships is perceived by guys as a job. Such conversations exhaust and even nervous. It is difficult for men to perceive female emotionality, which is not characteristic of them.
And do not dare to begin to clarify the relationship at a time when the man just came from work. Give him half an hour to rest and recover.
Can’t resist the temptation to talk about how your feelings were hurt yesterday when the man didn’t answer the phone? Set an alarm clock to prevent this conversation from lasting more than 15 minutes.

3. Cherish your boyfriends because they remain children until they are old.

Since childhood, girls are prepared for adult life. They are charged with small tasks and tasks, such as washing the plate, sweeping the floor and washing their little bear. Thus, the girl grows up thinking that she is responsible for the order in the family.
And what about the boys? For some reason, the boys are so much loved and cared for by their mothers that they are ready to do everything for them. And then, in adulthood, we meet the men who are not independent and infantile.
Once saw in a print edition of the following advice: “Surprise your man, and bring him to work pie baked in his own hands. Believe me, you will only downgrade your rating of the “woman of your dreams”.
Men can take care of themselves, they do a great job of cooking and cleaning. Just keep silent about it, so that they did it for the beloved.
When a woman overprotects her man, she ceases to be a sexual object for him and simply turns into a mommy.
The man will defend himself in every possible way from excessive care, trying to protect his rights and freedom, not letting you into his world.

4. Show the man his financial independence.

I do not urge you to go to extremes and quit your job. No! A man has great respect for a woman who can take care of herself. It even encourages the man and turns him on. But, he must feel his importance and bear responsibility.
Pretty pathetic sight, when a girl pays for herself in a restaurant, even though there is a gentleman next to her. No matter how angry feminists and greedy men are at me now, I’m against a girl paying for a date. You won’t become more attractive if you buy your own ticket to the movies and ice cream in the park. At this rate, we will soon reach the point where girls will give flowers to their men!

5. Enter the position of your partner, forgive mistakes and be the first to go to reconciliation

We’re taught to always forgive a man who’s never been with, we’re all human. Are you late for a date? It’s okay, a man could have had unforeseen circumstances. The only surprising thing is the frequency of these “circumstances”.
If you constantly forgive your chosen one rude and disrespectful attitude to yourself, in the hope that he will appreciate such a broad gesture, then you are wrong. He will not appreciate and moreover, will continue to exploit your feelings.
Set a clear framework beyond which you cannot go, so as not to offend you.
All the above recommendations have led to the fact that girls no longer appreciate and do not respect themselves. When a man sees that a girl is ready to do anything for him, he no longer feels passion and desire to conquer her, simply loses interest.