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GROUP and Steve Rother – January 2019 Time of love.

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GROUP and Steve Rother - January 2019 Time of love.


Greetings dear

Starting a game

We are joining you today as a group in one person. We have watched your progress through the levels of existence from the very beginning of the game. Planet Earth and Family "E" gathered and said: "Let's play the game without any rules at all. Let's see how it will develop and whether people will be able to open their eyes and remember who they really are. ” And the game began, and eons of time continued, passing through different levels and intersections of time and space. And now you are going even further, to the next level of existence. We are very proud for you! As we have noted many times, we observe the separation energies that have penetrated your planet. Much of the separation is related to the spread of fear, and how easily it is transferred from one to the other.

Fear exists only in the future.

Fear and love are opposites. Although you think of hate as the opposite of love, this is not so. And you can be afraid only of things that illusoryly exist in the future. And the quickest way to fear is a lack of information. We would like to fill in the lack of information for you, which is why we are in front of you and open to you about everything that we see in your future. Dear ones, (despite the fact that we have repeated this a hundred times), you do not always see how proud we are of you and the work that you do among people. Embodiment of your spirit is here to go through all this incredible experience – far beyond any plan that you could do. You will see this when you return home – we will show it to you. We will show you the effect: how circles in the water diverged around you, affecting everything around. … Every person radiates the whole spectrum: from love to fear. That is why we ask you to unite: united, you will radiate the whole spectrum from love to fear, and not just easily transmitted fear.


This is an incredible time to be here, and you booked a place for this reason. Therefore you are here. You have the opportunity to do the following steps. And we are looking forward to the steps that humankind has to make right now. Today we want to talk about the process of natural alignment, one of the universal laws. There are always forward and backward movements that are needed to equalize what is in a state of imbalance. When a wave changes direction and rolls back, it completes the alignment process. In fact, black holes are scattered around the universe in order to carry out the alignment process between measurements. You will begin to understand a huge number of things when you enter a new reality, but one of the most beautiful aspects is that you will have an alignment of love. It starts on Earth right now. However, the alignment may end abruptly and without warning. There will be those who will want to control it, being inspired that alignment can bring balance and joy to all. Time to level – right now. You see how humankind has completely plunged into fear over the years. This is neither right nor wrong, it just happened. Fear is not bad, dear ones, it is just an emotional reaction to the projection of a possible future. What will you do with it – remains completely behind you, in the end – fear is one of the ways to motivate yourself …

Perhaps in your contracts you have set up a lot of things that would encourage you to move in a certain direction. When you start moving in a certain direction, sometimes you have to wait until the energy levels out to move on. So you are moving step by step. Incredible. But we know that in the midst of all change, you experience more fear than love. There is a possibility that this will change, and this is starting to happen. No matter where you are in the world and no matter what the circumstances, political prejudices or financial status – this is your player – a separate entity that you control on the game board.

Possible player change

Our dear ones, you can change a lot. You can even change your playground, which you begin to guess yourself. This is what we want to talk about. Reaching equilibrium is not that difficult. You all feel the changes taking place with the planet Earth, as well as the intensity of the energies converging together – all this brings humanity to the era of tremendous changes. The feeling of fear is a natural reaction to these changes. “What if I fail and cannot change? What if these changes will only worsen the situation? ”Know that any change leads to something better, even if at first it doesn't seem so.

Looking back and returning in memory even to the most awkward decisions and ridiculous events that happened to you in this life, would you really like to change something? No, we think you would refuse such a venture. All that you had to go through was not just your past, this is what made you become who you are today. Getting rid of the influence of the past on you, you achieve mastery, and this is wonderful. At the time of such changes, all of humanity rises a step higher, even despite the fact that under the influence of fear, you literally “shrink”, drawing the energy envelope surrounding you close to your physical body. You do not even think this is something unusual, since everyone around you functions in a similar mode. It has become a kind of lifestyle: it is now considered commonplace to constantly be wary of something and try to cope with their fear. But even fear has a positive side: fear is an illusion that can be dispelled.

Fill in the blanks

Our task is to provide you with the missing information. Whatever belief system you belong to, whatever you work with, first fill in the gaps in understanding what is happening and many doors will open for you. You do not even have to think about the next steps, because the events will start to unfold by themselves. All that is required of you is to adhere to the direction of energy movement. Here is another example of what is happening everywhere, but how deeply this love penetrates the souls and how widely it spreads, depends only on humanity itself. The feeling of fear slows you down and causes you to close in on yourself, resulting in a lack of love. The reason for this phenomenon is simple: you are not able to experience feelings of fear and love at the same time. But everything starts to change gradually – a portal for the free flow of love has opened, which in turn can lead to a balance of energies. More often than ever, you become a witness of the manifestation of humanity and virtue in society, and this state of affairs can either turn out to be a short-term phenomenon or give rise to something more.

Does this mean that when you turn on the news, you suddenly see that everything is moving in the desired direction? No, and it's not about that. The excessive concern of each of you about the events led to even greater disconnection between people. What if you just love? This behavior will help establish the balance. Thanks to the wave of love that has engulfed the entire Earth, you have a chance to balance the energies. How long will this wave last, how deeply will it affect the hearts of people, will it help to correct the situation on planet Earth? It all depends on you, dear ones. This is your job, and you need to do it right now.

Opening hearts

Every person has a need to love and be loved. You cannot live on this planet without love. Due to the existing uncertainty in society, humankind plunged into a state of fear, displacing love from their hearts. But now you have the opportunity to establish a balance. This state of affairs will not last long, but if used wisely, the result will exceed all expectations. How do you move to the next level where love prevails? Only by loving can you overcome all difficulties. This is what happens around. First of all, we would like each of you to learn to love yourself, although this is not an easy task.

Whatever belief system you belong to, whatever you preach and whatever traditions you adhere to, each of you will have the chance to open your heart and change something for the better. Keep in mind that living in an atmosphere of fear makes it hard for you to open up and trust, because you feel vulnerable and it scares. The desire to draw your energy field closer to the body and become imperceptible, gives rise to secrecy. It is at such moments that you feel detached from God. We love you very much, not only as a team of light workers, but also each of you individually. If you are able to feel at least a fraction of this great love for you, our dear ones, you will understand that the only way to feel the fullness of this feeling is to transfer it to others.

Time to fall in love

Fall in love, even for a moment. No, you do not need to be embarrassed or change your life. You do not even need to engage in this sexual energy. Just give in to unconditional love at every opportunity. It is as easy as, for example, enjoying the perfection of the rose that you hold in your hands. Can you afford to stop for a second and fall in love with snow falling from the sky and covering the tops of the trees? Or even succumb to the slight attraction that arose between you and your neighbor when you exchanged a few phrases in a hurry? Whatever it is, use every opportunity to fall in love, because now is the best time for this than ever. You have the opportunity to pick up the wave of love that prevails on planet Earth during this period and let it into your life. Tune in to her in any way possible and express it, give her the opportunity to grow. Dear ones, this is even more important than the future. It is much more important than what is happening on the planet right now, more important than political events, or even Wall Street news.

You are much closer than you think, dear ones, you have already found the doors to the space between measurements, and they are open for you, because you already live in the fifth dimension and are already learning how to work with it. We are infinitely proud of you. Follow the call of your heart, step by step. Recently, when the Keeper was driving, he succumbed to one of his old belief systems. Stopping at a red light, he noticed a man standing on the side of the road with a small banner reading "Help me." Outdated belief systems immediately took over and forced him to turn away in the other direction. You see, at one time he was taught that if you give it to the needy, then you become part of the problem, instead of becoming part of its solution. His distrust was justified, because at some stage of his life, he personally knew people who earned it by begging. So he succumbed to his outdated principles, until we influenced him, so that he would take out a trifle and help the one who asked, which eventually freed him from the old installations. Will he be responsible for what this person does with the money? Of course not, but at the moment when he shared his money, he received a real gift.

Let the soul love

Find a way to draw love into your life and increase it. Express it in any way. Now the planet is covered with a wave of love and, as soon as you begin to attract it, you will feel an amazing energy, striving to support you and merge with you. What happens at the moment when two people see each other truly, see each other's souls? They fall in love. Well, of course, very much opposed to this. Someone may be indignant and say: "I should not do this," but what if you fall in love without any expectations, just for a moment? We are very grateful to you for the opportunity to love you all this time while we are together. The path before you is of great importance to us. We are infinitely proud of you for the work that you have already done on the planet and we cannot wait for what else you will do. Use this wave of love, because you can repeatedly strengthen it.

Remember, you are on a magical journey. With great love, we ask you to treat each other with respect. Push each other and play well together, enjoying this wonderful time of love on the planet together.




~ Connecting Hearts ~

From Barbara Rother

All you need is Love

Expectations, Comments and Questions we recently introduced were dedicated to February. I have already mentioned that February is one of my favorite months, because it is a time of celebration of love.

It is this month, February 14, that we are honoring love for Valentine's Day. Despite the fact that in some parts of the world this day is not celebrated, or it is celebrated in another way, I really like the way love is expressed with the help of flowers, chocolate, cards or just time spent together. When choosing your Valentine, people choose a person to whom they would like to express their love on this wonderful day.

But why should we limit our feelings to this one day? After all, a whole month can become a period of expression of love, not only for any particular person, but for each and everyone. Find your ways to receive and express love. As soon as you open up to this bright feeling, the world will open to you a new, positive reality and you will not want to part with it throughout the year.

It all starts with a deep and unconditional love for oneself. Only after that can we reach others. Love is a great power. It draws energy. When we radiate love, we switch to such vibrations that, like a magnet, attract the love of the whole universe to us. A warm, loving heart attracts a positive, and a lack of love negative. Steve and the group often repeat: "The opposite of love is fear." Fear can block your heart and close access to all the good things you deserve.

When you love someone, it comes back in a truly magical way. My favorite saying is: “Live, Laugh and Love”, these are the words that I engraved on Steve's wedding ring. These are the main tenets of a happy life. On the theme of love was written countless songs, one of my favorites is: “All you need is love” written by the Beatles. Here are some wonderful phrases from this song.

Love ………….
You can not do anything impossible.
You cannot sing that which cannot be sung.
You have nothing to say, but you can learn the rules of the game,
It's simple!
You cannot create that which cannot be done.
You will not save those who cannot be saved.
You can't do anything, but you can learn to be yourself,
It's simple!
All you need is Love………

From my heart to yours


Russian translation: Alexey Pravdin, Lilia Konik and Ekaterina Dobrovolskaya.

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