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God does not guarantee anything

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God does not guarantee anything

“In no case should one hope that without our cooperation with God, things will just get better in our lives.”

There is only a week left until Easter. The week is called Holy Week, and it will remind us of the last days of Christ's earthly life. Reminding us not so that we once again shed tears deep down in our hearts, cried and regretted this event, but first of all in order to understand why this is happening.

Today's Sunday reminds us of the custom of meeting with willows those who came to Jerusalem on Easter. And here comes our Lord Jesus Christ. It can be seen that the apostles do not understand Him. They are convinced that since they are with Christ, they received some promises (not quite understood by them) – then everything will be fine with them. They will lead the whole world, in their hands will be not only Israel. But several days pass, and we see that everything turns out differently. The Lord is betrayed, He is tormented, He dies a shameful death. Pupils scatter. This is a tragedy for them. They do not know, do not understand why this is happening.

And in our life of Christians, such a temptation constantly takes place – to perceive our closeness to the Lord, our spiritual life as a kind of amulet – here we are with Christ, and everything will be fine. We communed, and the child will not be sick. A prayer service was served, and now you can go. As we talk along the way, whether we keep ourselves from any temptations – it doesn’t matter, the service is served. And this is how the antidote to such an unhealthy triumphalism is this Sunday and the next Holy Week.

In no case should one hope that without our cooperation with God, things will just get better in our lives. Especially if we mindlessly observe some spiritual rules. We see how a hundred years ago the Russian Empire collapsed – the state in which Easter was celebrated, official posts were observed. We see with you, as in the history of Orthodox states, when once they even punished them for non-observance of their posts, there were problems in these states anyway. You should never take Christ as a talisman. Christ is a person. He is our living God. He calls each of us to Himself. He invites each of us to enter Jerusalem and celebrate Easter. Easter as a transition from death to life. Easter as a transition over the abyss of death. The Lord takes our hand and leads us through this abyss of horror to a life that we also cannot imagine. That's the easter thing. That is the calling of each of us, who passed the Great Lent and is preparing for Easter, to not talk, not to eat an egg. Well, if you are so hungry, well, talk in advance. But just come to Easter itself, for God's sake, with a burning soul. Practice, however, shows that the soul burns better when the Holy Week is observed in its own nutritional format.

Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, entering Jerusalem with the Lord, we will not do this as gentlemen, as those in power. We will do it humbly. Asking Christ to lead us from death to life. So he made sure that we were not only Christians by name, and these branches that we carry today to our homes really knew that “Hosanna in the highest, salvation from heaven!”

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