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God cries too

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God cries too

“Confident in His decisions, God follows the intended plan. For the sake of people, but absolutely not humanly. ”

Perhaps one of the most important details in the gospel relates to the story of the resurrection of Lazarus. This detail is the basis of every litany we hear in the temple.

It can be assumed that, from God's point of view, humanity is a sad sight. That people are stupid, weak, disoriented and ruin themselves and each other, although they could live forever and blissfully. That our quarrels for Him are more stupid than children's insults because of colored glasses, and our sufferings are no more hopeless than turned off cartoons.

This is a common concept that is used even for comfort. Perhaps in some ways she is even true. In Scripture you can find confirmation to her.

Christ, when they bring him the news of Lazarus’s illness, behaves, in general, according to this concept. He is not in a hurry to go to Bethany, but waits until Lazarus dies, and, it seems, does not care at all about the feelings of Mary and Martha. Christ demonstrates complete control over the situation. He is not aware of doubts. He describes in advance everything that will happen.

Confident in His decisions, God follows the intended plan. For the sake of people, but not at all humanly. To people, His plan seems impossible. Thomas prepares to follow Christ to death.

God comes to Bethany and asks where Lazarus lies. And upon learning, crying. And everything is changing.

It turns out that God is not just indifferent toward his goal. It turns out that He had a friend who died and God felt bad. It hurts even the God-man. The death of Lazarus is not just a performance “may the Son of God be glorified”. Death is really something very, very bad. Our tears are not stupidity or lack of faith. And anyone who mourns close can be sure that God is able to share his loss, because he also knows what loss is.

We do not know and can hardly assume that the God-man feels. Better not even try to imagine it. But we know for sure that the exalted picture of God, detached from our troubles and sorrows, is inaccurate and incorrect. He is closer to us than follows from rigorous theological constructions.

Yes, He has His plans and considerations that we do not know. But He is still not a stranger to us, and He understands our tears and our prayers that high people can consider stupid.

About the health of loved ones. On the well-being of relatives. About help in business. About the good weather. About the world. Oh happiness.

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