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Full moon 10/24/2018 The forecast for two weeks.

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Full moon 10/24/2018 The forecast for two weeks.

On Wednesday, late in the evening, the Moon and the Sun for the earthly observer will face each other, and we will see a full moon disk – Full Moon.

This is always a period of certain emotional upheavals, mood swings, increased excitability of our nervous system. But, this Full Moon will create, simply, going wild emotions, or, as the opposite, moods of passion and inspiration. Let's take it in order.
The confrontation of the Sun and the Moon passes along the axis of the signs Scorpio-Taurus. This will meet two opposing energies, male and female. When they meet, the events develop violently, vividly, emotionally and, or, something great and eternal is born, or destruction occurs. In nature, the same force can create and destroy something.
– In the next two weeks, many relationships will be tested. Of course, there may be quarrels and conflicts. There may emerge stories that were already hoping and not to remember. In such a period, calmly do not deal with everything that happens.
The main thing is how quickly you solve the problem, how worthy you are. Try to understand your soul mate, your loved one or your friend. The gap now will bring you a lot of pain, and then you will greatly regret. You will be haunted by the feeling that you have not done everything that you have possible, did not save love, friendship, and family. But, the Full Moon will affect only personal relationships, it will also affect relationships at work and at work. And here, too, there is a certain code of Honor that should be followed. We will not be able to determine who first introduced the phrase “Nothing personal, only business” to our everyday life. And everyone decided that this was the main rule of capitalism. But, it does not work. If it worked, then capitalism would have developed and flourished, but did not suit the whole world for crises that are occurring more and more often.
In the next two weeks, events will occur in which you are not in a hurry to do what they did the last time. Stop and think. No, you do not need to be "good" and understand all.
– Think about justice and be honest with yourself. Respect yourself and respect others; it is from this position that you begin to solve all the questions that arise.
– This Full Moon will exacerbate health issues, especially for older people, for those who suffer from hypertension or intracranial pressure. There will be leaps, possible crises and other consequences. Start preventive therapy. Be attentive to your well-being. Another area that this Full Moon will affect is financial. Now will be a good period to finish those serious projects that were started earlier. Go first profit. That is, this is by no means the time of frauds and dubious financial enterprises. Even, it is the beginning of a new serious capital investment that must be considered individually. Something will go, something worth holding back. In the financial sphere, now the autumn harvest is more likely than the spring sowing season. In the coming months, we will witness sharp reversals in the fate of some people. And the roots of the situations that will occur now will go into the recent past, literally this year.
– This Full Moon will raise another very serious question – it is the ingratitude of people.
This is a very broad topic, but now we are talking about the betrayal of those who taught us something, something gave us in this life. This is about those we can call our Masters. The most terrible crime in the East, which is now so fashionable to admire, is a betrayal of the Master. For this, they did not just turn away from the person; other students punished for this. Recently I was in Japan with my mentor, and witnessed this relationship with my own eyes. Until you allow, you are not what to say, you will not lift your eyes. For happiness just stand next. And the students think about the Master, equip his life, surround him with care. Why? Yes, because he calmly deals with other, more important issues. We, the Slavs, also treated very seriously those who carried experience and wisdom, who educated and taught the younger generation. What now? Transferred the basic principle of capitalism in the relationship of teacher-student? If it seems to us (the key word “it seems”) that we already know and understand everything, the teacher is no longer interesting, you can offend and forget it.
It does not happen, Nature does not forgive this. But, earlier, time was stretched, and retribution came later. Now everything has shrunk and happens in a shorter time.
!!! So, if you suddenly change the band from white to black. If you walked briskly through your career, and you, suddenly, are removed from office. If your financial enterprise has been developing rapidly, and then it begins to slip and slow down, stop and think, but have you not offended recently the one who taught you a lot, who supported you when you were rising.
It is not necessarily the one who calls himself Guru. This is your school teacher, who once stopped you and did not let go on the wrong path. This is a granny in the village, to which you run every time when there is a difficult situation in life. This is your mentor by profession, who taught you practice and subtleties. This is a man to whom you come for advice and many more can be.
And you hurt this man. What to do? Probably ask for forgiveness, for starters. Think what else. And already there, as Nature will judge. By and large, this Full Moon raises questions of Conscience. This has already been written on the summer eclipse. Tried to prepare you for the fall. And then much could be solved and corrected. And now, the time to collect stones, will have to answer for their actions.
– And the last feature of this Full Moon – it will occur on the 17th lunar day. This is the first time in several years. The symbol of this day is the Vine. The grapes are associated with autumn, this is the last fruit we collect. Here you once again raised the topic of harvest.
Everything that you are going to do now, to undertake, must somehow be connected with the completion of some cycle, plan, project, stage.
And on October 24th and 25th there will be turbulent days. But follow your plan, do not transfer cases. The only limit may be your well-being. Be attentive to yourself and others.
Remember that there is a high probability of conflict. This is on the one hand, and on the other, you can finally understand the question that everyone has long thought about, but they were silent. Listen, be patient and be able to close forever sensitive topics.
Good luck to everyone, prudence and wisdom.
💗 Your astrologer Angelina Vorontsova.

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