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Friend. Accident on the road

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Friend. Accident on the road

The publishing house "Nicaea" published the book "Cross the Jordan" nun Nina. This is a collection of strong and piercing stories of a woman who has passed a very difficult life path. In the preface, the author makes an important emphasis on the fact that in this world there is nothing permanent, and the only thing that a believing person can lean on (although not only him) is God. We offer you a story from a book.

It was 1945. It was spring. And either from her, or from the near end of the war, some nagging joy and expectation of something new were poured in the air. And beautiful.

Somehow the girls were released in a movie in Agujero. We walked, sang, joked. They took tickets and stood in a crowd at the door of the club, which was located in the church. And then something sad Alya, yearned.

The bell rang. Everyone rushed to the door to take a better place or sit on the floor near the screen. Alya was pushed away from the door, and she stood alone, calm and thoughtful. And it seemed to her that someone was standing next to her … She quietly turned and slowly walked away from the church, from which the music of the film that had begun was already heard. I went on the highway and went towards the house, which was there, far away, for five kilometers …

The road at first went straight, then went down to the hollow, where there were tangerine plantations on both sides, and then steeply went up to the village of Dioskuria.

Alya knew the road well and walked calmly. She took off her shoes, so as not to beat them in vain, and walked barefoot. The night was moonless, dark, but it wasn’t scary – the feeling that someone kind and powerful was nearby did not leave her. She felt that he was from some distant and beautiful country, and all the time she wanted to ask him to take her with her, but she was afraid. She knew that he would say the same thing that had already been said to her there, on the seashore at night: “It is too early …” And she was silent.

“Will it ever be possible?” The question tormented her.

“It will,” she seemed to hear a soft voice, “look at the sky …”

She raised her head and stopped – a thin eight-pointed cross shone in the dark blue sky … Cross! She asked for heaven, and she was shown the cross …

Alya understood little of her mind, but her heart was filled with joy and pain.

And suddenly she felt that she was alone, that it was dark all around, and she was scared. But you have to go – and she went. I went slowly, carefully, going down to the very bottom of the hollow.

Soon the road will begin to rise. Hurry up there is not so scary.

And then, as if from under the ground, a huge figure of a man grew in front of her. Ala was dumbfounded for a moment, then rushed back, but it was too late – he grabbed her in an armful, knocked her onto the road, and struck the temple with all his fist. Sparks fell from Ali's eyes. Nausea and weakness came …

– Friend! – burst out of Ali's chest. And as if in response to her call, at the top of this deserted road appeared a car with a bright spotlight in front. The car rushed down with terrible speed.

The man rushed into the roadside bushes. One could hear the branches crackling under his feet. His fear was great – because at that time, for rape, or even for trying to him, they were supposed to be shot on the spot, like a mad dog.

Ala slipped into the ditch. The car rushed past. And for a moment she saw the snow-white luminous wings …

The fear is gone. She got up, felt for her shoes and quickly walked along the road. When she went up to Dioscuria, she looked around. And suddenly, as if having relived the terrible things that were there below, she rushed to run. So she ran all the way – barefoot, with shoes in her hand, dirty, disheveled. Already not far from home I went quieter.

Near the gate stood a sentry with a rifle.

– Ala, is that you? And I’m getting ready to shoot.

– Petya … It’s good that you are on duty today. She went down the path to the house, stopped at the well, and washed herself. She stood and entered the room. She took off her dirty white dress and wrapped herself in a sheet. Then she turned off the lamp, sat down at the window and put her hands on the windowsill. There was a sky in front of her – so pure, dear and so close … And somewhere in the depths of consciousness a thin, luminous eight-pointed cross appeared before her … And a dream rolled, so calm, calm.

Katie Vatel illustration

Alla Georgievna Vasilchenko (nun Nina) was born in 1929. She spent all her childhood and youth in a house dear to her heart, built by her parents on the seashore near Sukhumi. Having entered the geological faculty of Moscow State University, Ala comes here every summer for a vacation. It is here that she meets love – Yuri Zhuravsky, who became her husband. Now they are already bringing their two children to the Sukhumi house for the summer – Misha and Anya. Ali had everything that a woman could ever dream of: a wonderful family, a brilliant education, a separate apartment, a housekeeper, a car. But the Lord has prepared a different path for her. Passing it, she regained joy.

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