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For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever, amen.

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For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever, amen.

Get ready to read

Be silent for a minute or two so that, as stated in the prayer book, to calm all your feelings and tune in to prayer and reading the Scriptures. Do not open any extra tabs at this time and do not enter the social network. Do not be distracted by anything.


In Church Slavonic

Lord Jesus Christ, open your ears, hear your word, and understand and do your will, as a stranger am upon the earth: not a scorn of your commandments, but my eyes open, that I may understand the wonders of your law; tell me the unknown and the secret of thy wisdom. I hope in Thee, O my God, yes, enlighten the mind and sense with the light of your mind not only written in honor, but I also create, but I cannot read the saints of life and words to myself, but in the update, and the enlightenment, and the shrine, and the salvation of the soul, and the inheritance of life everlasting. Yako thou art enlighten those who lie in darkness and from You is every gift of good and every gift is perfect. Amen.

In Russian

Lord Jesus Christ, open to me my heart’s ears, so that I, having heard Your Word, enlightened it, and fulfilled Your will, because I am a stranger on earth. Do not hide your commandments from me, but open my eyes, so that I may understand (a) miracles from your law. Tell me your unknown and secret wisdom. I trust in You, my God, and I believe that You will enlighten my mind and meaning with the light of the knowledge of You, and that then I will not only read what is written, but also fulfill it. Make me not in sin to myself. Your Word read (a), but in renewal and in enlightenment, and in the shrine, and in the salvation of the soul, and in the inheritance of eternal life. For You, Lord, are those who lie in darkness, and from You are every good gift and every perfect gift. Amen.

Keep silent for a minute.

Read the Lord’s Prayer

9 Pray thus: Our Father in heaven! hallowed be thy name;
10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven;
11 Give us this day our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
(Mat.6: 9-13)

Slowly read the last words of the prayer: For Thine is the Kingdom and power and glory forever. Amen. and think about these words for two or three minutes. You can just slowly repeat them out loud or to yourself, focusing on their meaning. If you have any thoughts or questions, write them down.

Answer the questions:

What do these words mean?
Why do they end the prayer?

Read the interpretation

St. John Chrysostom
Orthodox confession of faith
Martyr Vladimir Bogoyavlensky
St. Theophan the Recluse

St. John Chrysostom

By reminding us of the enemy, by making us more cautious and suppressing all our carelessness, He further inspires us, introducing us to the King, under whose authority we fight, and showing that He is more powerful than all. “Yako is yours,” says the Savior, “kingdom and power and glory.” So, if His kingdom, then you should not be afraid of anyone, because no one resists Him and no one shares power with Him. When the Savior said: “Thy kingdom is”, it shows that our enemy is subordinate to God, although, apparently, he also resists, according to God's permission. And he is from among the slaves, although condemned and outcast, and therefore will not dare to attack any of the slaves, without first receiving power from above. And what am I saying: not one of the slaves? He did not even dare to attack the pigs until the Savior himself commanded, nor on the flocks of sheep and oxen, until he received authority from above. So, even if you were very feeble, but you must be bold, having such a King, who, and through you, can easily do all the glorious deeds. This King not only frees you from the evils that threaten you, but can also make you both glorious and famous; as His power is great, so His glory is ineffable, in a word, all of Him is infinite and infinite. Do you see how the Savior from everywhere strengthens and encourages the devotee?

He is. At the end of the prayer, He expressed the kingdom and the power and glory of God, saying: "Thy thy is kingdom and power and glory forever." This, I say, I ask of You because I know that You are the King of everything, you have eternal power, you can do everything you don’t want, and you have inherent glory.

Orthodox confession of faith

By the second petition, the mind, which has reached the highest degree of purity, begs for, “may he come,” as soon as possible, the “Kingdom” of his Father, meaning, under this constant reign of Christ in the saints, which comes when, after being slaughtered from our hearts vices, the power of the devil ceases and God, because of the fragrance of virtues, begins to dominate us, when, instead of vanquished carnal lust, purity reigns in our mind, instead of suppressed anger, tranquility, instead of trampled pride — humility, or the Kingdom that At the predestined time, it is promised to all who have attained perfection and who were made sons of God, when Christ says to them: “Come, blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the constitution of the world” (Matt 25,34). To this Kingdom they look and look, as it were, on the eyes, desires and expectations of a pure soul, when it cries out to God: “Thy kingdom come!” For she is firmly convinced by the testimony of her conscience that it will immediately inherit this kingdom, as soon as it opens . On the contrary, none of the wicked will dare to desire this; for he, of course, does not want to see the Throne of Judge, who knows that on the day of Advent he will receive for his deeds not a crown and an award, but a punishment

Martyr Vladimir Bogoyavlensky

Expensive! The words that we hear now and that end the prayer of our Father, the Lord Jesus, it seems, did not himself say when he taught his disciples to pray. They are not in the Gospel of Luke, in the place where the Lord, at the request of the disciples: teach us to pray, taught them our Father's prayer. But undoubtedly, however, the Church used the words as the conclusion of a prayer from the most ancient times, and the church choir sang them whenever the priest finished reading the prayer of our Father. The custom of responding to a priest in his prayers or teachings with the words of approval and the word amen already existed in the Old Testament; the New Testament Church also preserved it. Moreover, these words, in their content, fully correspond to the spirit of the Holy Scriptures, are also decent for the solemn conclusion of this wonderful prayer.
But these words are not only words of praise and approval, but the one praying at the same time expresses his hope, his conviction that this prayer is not in vain, but will be heard. Saying the words: Thy thy is kingdom, and power, and glory; Amen, he encourages himself, instills in himself the courage and good confidence in the success of prayer and blocks their lips with all doubts and bickering, if any.
Thy kingdom means: You alone, Father and Lord, belong to the reign over the world, and not to the so-called prince of this world, no matter how great his strength is and how widespread his rule on earth may be. Although this prince of the world dreams of forever establishing his kingdom on earth by deception and deceptions, but such is the good and gracious will of our Heavenly Father. He is a man of all koschetsya saved, and come into the mind of truth (1Tim. 2: 4). For this, He did not spare His Only Begotten Son, but sent Him into the world to preach the Gospel of all creatures, for this He sent the Comforter of the Holy Spirit to us, so that we through His grace would believe His word and that all the kingdoms of the world would become the kingdom of our God and Christ.
And what He wants can be done. The hand of the Lord is mighty and victorious. His is power. Our God is in heaven and on earth; He creates everything he wants (Ps. 113: 11). “Some,” one of the theologians once said, “tremble and tremble because they do not see the pillars upon which the sky rests, thinking that it may fall.” If to substitute them, then the sky, in their opinion, would stand stronger. But do not worry and do not be afraid, my friend, for the strength of her power in the Divine right hand, fear only that this right hand will not rise for the judgment of you. But if His Spirit will testify to your spirit that you are not only by name, but truly His child, then do not be embarrassed and not be disheartened, looking at how weak your forces are in comparison with the formidable forces of the world and his prince, but look for your peace in faith, in the omnipotence of your God and in the hope of His invincible power.
His is glory. Glory, honor and worship belong only to God, our Heavenly Father, and He will not give this glory to anyone else. The glory of the world comes, hesitates. They fall and the thrones of the strong turn into dust. Only the throne of God stands unshakably. He alone is eternal. He alone will remain in glory, when all glory of those who do not recognize the glory of His name will be darkened. For His is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. He wants, and can, and, probably, will do everything according to His will and according to His eternal Council, to His glory and to our salvation. This is beyond doubt. That is why a Christian does not look at those mountains of everyday thoughts and worries that rise before his eyes, not at those mountains from which he will be in distress and danger, but will raise his eyes to the mountains from where His help will come (Ps. 120: 1) that is, to His Father in Heaven, and with filial devotion and boldness, he pronounces his amen.
Amen is a Hebrew word and was used already in the Old Testament Church as the conclusion of a prayer. Amen means yes, true, true, true, let there be. Therefore, the question of what the word amen means is: “I am sure that such a prayer is not in vain and our Father is pleasant, for He Himself commanded us to pray and promised that He will hear it. Amen, amen means“ yes, yes, That is how it should be".
Our prayers to our Father are pleasant, for He Himself commanded to pray so; our prayers are not in vain, for He Himself promised that He would hear them. His command that we pray so precisely (face to face), and His promise that He will not turn His hearing away from our prayer, give us every reason to turn to Him with our requests as His Father, and in the confidence to satisfy them word
Of course, we are not worth what we ask for and we do not deserve by our behavior that He listen to our prayer and do it. Therefore, a Christian does not base his Amen on his own merits and dignity. He bases it on the merits of his Savior and on the mercy of his Heavenly Father and prays that the Heavenly Father will grant him everything out of mercy, for the sake of His Son, our Lord and Savior. For the sake of Jesus, this is the surety that I rely most of all on my prayer, when my sins burden me and the evil spirit takes hold of my soul. If I ask in the name of Jesus, then at least I was not worth what I ask for, but even then my request may be pleasing to God, and I dare to say: amen, amen, that is, "right, right, right."
Amen, amen, that is, "so, so, so be it." Firmly hold on to this word even when apparently you do not receive what you ask for and your prayer seems in vain. If, for example, during a famine it seems to you that you cry out in vain; Give us our daily bread for us this day, for the louder you cry for your daily bread, the more poverty and deprivation will gnaw your heart, and in this case, do not cease to confirm your prayer with the word amen. Let it be for you a more faithful and reliable remedy than that circle of the Sarepta widow, in which its oil did not diminish, or those birds that miraculously delivered Elijah’s bread. Raise your eyes above the needs and plaintive cries of your hungry family, raise them to heaven, to your Father in Heaven. Be sure that everything you pray for is still a truth, amen, for it is impossible for the Father not to hear and to satisfy the request of his children. Hold fast to the words of Amen even when you are with your children and pray for them: Thy kingdom come (to them), but you do not see success from your prayer, since they, your ill-fated children, are too far from the Kingdom of God and all your tearful requests, admonitions and admonitions do not keep them from the wide disastrous path. Oh, do not leave your fiery prayer for them. Believe that it will not remain in vain, for it is impossible that such a prayer should not be pleasing to your Father and that the child of such hot tears and prayers should not be finally saved and not become the heir of the kingdom for which you prayed so fervently. Hold on tight to the word amen, when you are in a hard struggle with the temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil with a heart-tight cry: Father, do not lead me into temptation, and in the meantime see the waves of these temptations rise again above your head, and you become afraid for yourself and for the strength of your faith. Know that all this, however, is true, amen. God never leaves those who do not leave Him, but strengthens and supports us in His word and our faith until the end of our days. Hold fast to the words of Amen even when, in reverent prayer, you bow to the Heavenly Father and merge with the choir of the gods, saying: Hallowed be your name, and around yourself you see the opposite to this, that is, not glorification, but rather an insult to the name of God, not respect and His humiliation is not piety, but wickedness that is becoming more and more widespread in the modern generation. Believe that what you prayed in the first petition of the Lord’s Prayer is still true. For the day will come, the day of light will come, when the glory of the Lord covers the face of the earth, as the water covers the bottom of the sea, when all the kingdoms of the world become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ, when the sins of the world, hell and the devil are defeated and given away by the right hand of the Most High. Amen, amen, that is, all of this is “truth,” “it must be so.”
So, Christian, try to see that you always have this strong and unchanging word, and be sure that God will never reject your sincere, agreeable prayer with His will, but sooner or later you will surely tell her “yes” .
Grant it to us, the All-Merciful God and our Father! Lead us through Christ our Savior. May He help us always and everywhere firmly to abide by the word Amen, and He will pronounce in confirmation of it, and His Most High, all-powerful and divine to her and Amen. Amen.

Answer the question
What important thoughts did you see in the patristic interpretations?

Summing up

That ends our newsletter. For two and a half months you pondered over the prayer “Our Father”, got acquainted with the interpretations, tried to understand what these words mean to you. In order that all this does not sink into oblivion, once again look back and remember what important discoveries you encountered on this path.

Father – what was important here?
ours – what was important here?
Who in heaven is?
Hallowed be thy name -?
Thy kingdom come?
Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors -?
And do not lead us into temptation, -?
But deliver us from evil. -?
For yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever. -?

I am very sorry that many of you lost the rhythm of reflection due to the fact that letters did not always arrive on time and they were not always carefully arranged. I beg your pardon for this. I hope, however, that despite this, you too have benefited. In order to make the next newsletters better, so that I can better understand what helps and what does not, I ask you to answer a few questions about this newsletter. This can be done here.

The material was prepared by Tatyana Zaitseva, editor of the Gospel Groups section.
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