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Five phrases a man is afraid to hear from his woman

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There’s no way to solve a relationship problem by keeping it quiet. Women often hold their true grudges, which over time leads to a huge quarrel. At least once in a lifetime each woman wanted to reproach the man with one of the phrases, but how to bring the thought to the loved one and not to break even more firewood?
“Well, when will you finally grow up?
Sometimes it sounds like “well, when will you become a real man? No matter how independent and independent the woman in the relationship does not give herself, saying “better I will do it myself,” deep down she is looking for a man’s reliable support and a breadwinner, not a whiner, who is looking for an excuse for all his problems and blames anyone, but not himself. But it’s not just his irresponsibility. Perhaps the woman herself encourages such behavior by building herself a mommy, as Wendy of Peter Pan. He will never grow up like that.
Expand his range of duties, even the little things. “Sweetie, I’m running out of time. Help me, please… And be sure to express your gratitude for any help.
“I don’t like your relatives.
Often, the second half of the women have difficult relationships with their spouse’s relatives (especially daughters-in-law and mother-in-law). It is difficult for a mother to let her son go into the care of another woman, no matter how adult he is – he always remains a child for her. You have every right to say, “I love you, but I don’t want to spend the weekend with your family. He can check on his parents or take his children with him, but he shouldn’t be forbidden to see them.
Put yourself in his shoes if you were forbidden to talk and see your own mother. Don’t allow yourself to be harsh about your husband’s relatives, even if he scolds them. According to statistics, in a conflict situation, men more often take the side of their mother.

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some of the phrases lead to a quarrel

“You’re selfish and you only think of yourself.”
Was he like this before, or has his attitude changed lately? If he has behaved this way before, try to give him specific examples that hurt you. Doesn’t share delicacies, isn’t interested in your achievements, doesn’t support your undertakings. Explain why it hurts you, and maybe he or she doesn’t know what is hurting the person you love in this way.
“But Dima…
Sometimes I want to set an example of a best friend’s husband, who has a better job and a new car, bought a new one, took his family to the sea and in general looks much better than your faithful. Immediately stop yourself. Would you be pleased if your husband would compare you with other women? Then why are you doing it? Omit the comparison and just discuss what is bothering you and what you would like to change together.
In a long-term relationship, you quickly get used to everything good. Maybe someone is also jealous of you and setting your spouse as an example. Focus more on the strengths of your loved one.
“I’m not your mother to clean up after you.
If a man is accustomed to disorder, he’ll be difficult to wean off. He just makes it easier: throw a dirty T-shirt on the chair than in the laundry basket; leave the dishes in the kitchen rather than wash the plate; lose something, the wife will help you find it.
Stop walking and picking up everything after him. Grip your teeth and wait until he cleans up after himself. This requires iron patience, but in time this mess will start to irritate him. And be sure to praise him even for his tiny help.