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Fatigue and development of the end of October (2018). Transformation Corridor.

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Fatigue and development of the end of October (2018). Transformation Corridor.

Until October 29, a very serious transformation of energies takes place. Many people complain that they are as if they are half asleep, about forgetfulness, lack of energy, many of them are aggravated by the old ailments of the physical body. The state is also enhanced by the fact that the Full Moon falls on this period on October 24, the effect of which extends from the 21st to the 27th.

The very setting on the energy of higher dimensions (integration) forces a person to work through a lot of what seemed acceptable and correct. The ascent of consciousness requires the elaboration of a special kind of karma, which begins to manifest itself at a certain level of development of consciousness, karma associated with the relationship with the Higher Consciousness (Higher Self) of your being, the planet, the Solar System, etc. It can be said that at this stage of development the question of the place of God (in any understanding) in a person’s life and relations with Him in accordance with the plan of creation of a person and his role on the Earth most seriously arises, and this issue requires its urgent solution. A person at the apprenticeship stage is confronted with the karma of relationships with people, with the physical body, with his personality. The enlightened consciousness faces new challenges. The personality of a developing person must transform in accordance with his divine nature according to the law of the new time, while the ego, under the influence of the Higher Self, finds its true place and begins to serve the highest goals, while at the same time contributing to the penetration of these higher goals into ordinary life. This is a mandatory period in the life of a person striving for the highest truth.

During the broadcast of higher energies that promote development, tension arises. However, we remember that further growth and development of consciousness passes through the collision of the old with the new, through conflicts that require resolution. The period from October 22 to October 29 is associated with working through the karma of relationships with the Higher consciousness of man, with the tasks of his current incarnation and interaction with the planetary consciousness. During this period, work will go on in the causal plan of a person under the influence of the energies of the highest body, Atma, which is directly connected with Spirit.

The last node on October 29, with the transition in the first days of November, contributes to the connection of human energy with the energy of the Source. Very many people go through this period. It is clearly visible that this is due to the current planetary period, since many simply feel very bad. Immediately, a lot of unworked patterns emerge in a bunch, which your wonderful, wise, strong, powerful Spirit incarnated many times! On the subtle plane, information has come that the current planetary and cosmic energies are powerfully bringing ooooochen large layers of subconsciousness to the surface. Thin new cosmic energy must “pass” through the compressed deposits of old dense dark energies. And this, as you understand, is a lot that we lived and experienced in past lives. Right now, by the release of these dark states into the Light, a goodbye is happening (!) Forever with these clots of dark inveterate phenomena!

So, if now you are experiencing such phenomena as laziness, fatigue, apathy, sadness, forgetfulness, fear, powerlessness, nervousness, feelings, panic attacks, various nervous states – this is a release, the output of the entire pathogenic outward. An unpleasant comparison, but imagine, as if an abscess had broken, this is exactly what is happening.

Do not be afraid of this darkness, because right now everything that is not characteristic of your Higher Light Essence comes out of all your structures and subtle bodies. And very soon you will enjoy a new, previously unknown degree of FREEDOM OF SPIRIT. Imagine as if you had opened the door to a room that nobody had visited for 20 years. Of course, at first it is unpleasant from the light that has poured into it – dust, cobwebs, and clouds of dirt will rise ….. but after going through a period of “not pleasant cleansing” you will soon be filled with gratitude for this NECESSARY PROCESS. Many bright beings from various extraterrestrial civilizations have been working for a long time to integrate new high-frequency energies into the Earth. And in order to accept them, it is necessary that many of our structures still integrate;)

Keep your body and mind fresh vegetable food, do not burden it with meat, sugar, alcohol, etc. Find an opportunity to be in nature, spend more time in solitude, silence, meditation and try to be in communication as much as possible, only with very bright people. Try to spend more time thinking and REALIZING THAT IT IS TIME TO DROP TIME AND FOREVER (way of thinking, behavior, reactions, bad habits, character traits). NOW IT IS REALLY VERY EASY TO MAKE IT OVER, since we are going through the OXYGUES'S CORRIDOR OF THE TRANSFORMATION. Our planet, Guy, is a living beautiful creature, it is relatively young, is the same cosmic being, as we, and everything else, and also passes its evolution. And believe, – clairvoyants, mystics, psychics feel, how our planet is tired of the ignorant zoo, which is called Humanity! All these nasty emanations for her are worse than an annoying anthill or cancer. It is for this reason that earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc. occur in places of the greatest accumulation of pathogenic energies. But she still believes in us …. do not forget to send her LOVE and support to her)

* received in personal messages, author unknown

digitall_angell, October 27, 2018

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