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Father Absolute – THE MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (The fascinating novel of your life) + PRACTICE. December 5, 2018

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Father Absolute - THE MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (The fascinating novel of your life) + PRACTICE. December 5, 2018 START

Hello, my dear favorite children!

So, we turn to the last type of deliberate offense – those aimed at “knocking out the rival” of their rival or competitor.

Probably, this is the most insidious kind of offense, because they are long-cherished and, as a rule, they are applied at the most unexpected moment, so that a person cannot recover for a long time, which the offender is trying to take advantage of.

Most often, this type of offense carries lies, slander, fraud or perversion of facts, and the purpose of such an offense is to extract its own benefit at the expense of others.

I think almost every person in his life has come up against a situation where someone tried to push you aside by taking a small lie or disgusting slander in order to take your place.

Most often this happens when a person, in spite of everything, tries to achieve what he wants by any means.

This may be a struggle for a loved one or for a profitable and prestigious place in the service, the elimination of business partners or the struggle for a political post.

Whatever it is, but in such cases, violent offenses are inflicted, which can sometimes break a person’s life.

Such offenses leave deep and long-lasting wounds in your Soul.

And it is especially painful when such “stabs in the back” are applied by close and dear people.

And today I want to give you a practice that will help you to pull out forever the “thrusts” of such offenses that are stuck in your thin bodies, and then finally heal these wounds so that they do not leave a trace.

The first thing to do is to erase the memory of the insult inflicted on you from your own consciousness and subconscious.

After all, it is these painful memories that the astral entities feed on, throwing up more and more new details of what happened, revealing the insidious plans of your abuser, like chips into the fire.

How can I do that?

Try to imagine your whole life as a long fascinating novel, and an episode with a resentment inflicted on you as one of its chapters.

You “read” this chapter – you lived through this episode, saturating it with bright various feelings and emotions, and then turned over the page of your novel and began to read the next chapter, no less fascinating.

And you know that you still have so many new and interesting things ahead that there is no point in going back again and again to the chapter you have already read, otherwise you will not move forward and know what will happen next.

But if your memory still returns again and again to the painful episodes of your life, then simply “tear out the pages” with this chapter from your novel and burn them in an imaginary fireplace, stove or fire.

Make sure that all these pages are burned to the ground and, when you see that only a handful of ashes are left of them, collect it and develop it through the air, completely free from unpleasant memories.

And now the second part of the practice.

How do you deal with your offenders, especially if they are people close to you?

Forgive them wholeheartedly and thank you mentally for the lessons learned, because any, even the most difficult and painful experience is invaluable to you, and most often it is he who can teach you the Unconditional Love that your Soul so longs for.

I bless you, my relatives, and I love you very much!

Father Absolute spoke to you

Adopted March 5 December 2018


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