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Father Absolute – the merger of two worlds (the Divine Union of the inhabitants of the Earth). 10/16/2018.

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Father Absolute - the merger of two worlds (the Divine Union of the inhabitants of the Earth). 10/16/2018. START

Hello, my dear favorite children!

Today we will continue to talk about how people and animals, inhabitants of parallel worlds and inhabitants of the underwater kingdom will coexist in the Fifth Dimension.

This unique experiment, unprecedented in the Universe, is built on the fact that the Earth, having regained its Divinity and original beauty, will not lose all that it has accumulated during its entire existence.

But of all the experience she has accumulated, she will leave only what has spiritual value, what will fall into the treasury of her spiritual history and what will correspond to her high vibrations.

And all that relates to the experience of three-dimensional life in its purest form, will go to the information bank of the Universe, where the historical and technical archive of all planets and civilizations is stored.

The Earth of the Fifth Dimension will be a Divine union of all its inhabitants, based on infinite Love, respect for each other and the consciousness of its Unity.

It will be like a huge planetary family, and it will be different from the third dimensional community in that there will be no older and younger, right and guilty, bosses and subordinates in it.

In other words, the duality is completely dissolved, giving way to the energies of unity and equality.

And even in relation to animals and birds, a person will not feel his superiority, calling them “smaller brothers”, as it was before.

You will communicate with them telepathically absolutely equal and enjoy their beauty and nobility.

The only thing that may seem strange to you at first is the impossibility to plan your day and your actions, and especially to those people who are used to living according to strict rules and observe the daily regimen.

Gradually, such concepts as minute, hour, day, week, month, year will disappear from your everyday life as useless as attributes of linear time.

And they will be replaced by a free life, filled with communication with like-minded people, work that your Soul will choose and which will give you pleasure.

And even the very word “work” will disappear from your everyday life as something connected with hard work.

He will be replaced by "occupation", implying a favorite thing, creativity, skill.

Gradually you will learn to live in such a way that all aspects of your life are in complete harmony with your Soul, with the world around you and with the planet as a whole.

Of course, in the Fifth Dimension, people will communicate according to their interests, attracting each other according to their character, mindset, and hobbies.

But unlike the dual world, there will no longer be any rivalry between them, competition or the desire to stand out, but there will be a sincere desire to help, share knowledge or create something together.

You will enjoy the “elbow feeling” in all its manifestations. This will be your natural and familiar state.

But what will be especially valuable for a person who has lived so long in the three-dimensional world is the opportunity to reunite with his real second half — his twin flame, which will be attracted to you by vibrations, no matter where it is.

On this we will stop today.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Received March 16 October 2018


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