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Father Absolute – MERGING TWO WORLDS (Mission possible). 10/10/2018.

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Father Absolute - MERGING TWO WORLDS (Mission possible). 10/10/2018.


Hello my dear beloved children!

To end the conversation about new people who appeared on your planet during this crucial period for her, I would like to talk today about the qualities that are the guarantee that these people will be able to fulfill their mission on Earth.

It may surprise you, but such qualities are lightness, cheerfulness, sense of humor, spontaneity and endless optimism.

This is what makes not only your life happy, but also the life of the people around you.

On the contrary, excessive seriousness can kill any good undertaking, since by itself it carries the energies of rather low vibrations.

And today I will explain to you why this is happening.

Many of you associate seriousness with responsibility, which has become almost synonymous in your world.

Remember how often you say: "He is a very serious and responsible person."

And what image do you have after such a characteristic?

Most likely, you think someone is boring and rather boring, who pulls the strap of responsibility for themselves and for others, is not it?

But in fact, a light and cheerful person can be no less responsible, but only he goes through life easily and cheerfully, and everything turns out with him effortlessly.

A serious person, as a rule, hardly bears his burden of responsibility, bending under its weight, which does not bring joy to him or his relatives.

And all the personal qualities of a person are especially noticeable right now, when all your emotions are aggravated, life problems are aggravated and the lessons that you have to go through at an accelerated pace are complicated.

The esoteric world, which draws more and more people into its orbit, was no exception.

Here, seriousness is manifested in endless moralizing, long and boring discussions on topics already known to everyone, which are often presented in a mentoring tone, which exorbitantly inflates the pride of the “Teacher”.

But since people are accustomed to the fact that “wind teachings” are something very serious and complex, and the “spiritual teacher” is akin to a celestial, they listen to him with reverence and create another idol, which is harmful to him and them.

Believe me, my dear ones, this very seriousness and consciousness of our own importance are those obstacles that many bright souls who have come to Earth with the goal of awakening humanity cannot overcome.

It seems to them that if they touched the Divine knowledge, and even more so if they began to receive information from the Higher Forces of the Universe, they should be full of seriousness and responsibility, and therefore, forget about jokes and fun.

They entered the "Great Service", which means that everything that is characteristic of a simple person should be alien to them.

So many of you think, and this is your biggest mistake.

It is upon entering the Service that you need to become simple and accessible so that any person can feel that you are just like him and that the Higher Forces of the Universe and your Galactic Family are not some distant, inaccessible Celestials, but your near and dear ones souls with whom you can communicate easily and freely.

The merging of the worlds is already in full swing and you need to do everything in order to enter the new life of the Fifth Dimension by a cheerful and friendly family, and not by a society of "highly spiritual" people who have drowned in long and boring discussions on the Ascension.

And I bless you to this, my dear ones!

The Absolute Father who loves you immeasurably spoke to you

Received March 10, 2018


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