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Father Absolute – MERGING TWO WORLDS (Maturity Exam). 10/04/2018.

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Father Absolute - MERGING TWO WORLDS (Maturity Exam). 10/04/2018.


Hello my dear beloved children!

Today will be an unusual message.

I want to summarize everything I have said over the past months and conduct a kind of exam on how you learned the material and how it influenced your attitude and, most importantly, yourself: have any of your personal qualities or everything that was said , it remains for you only a theory.

And here is what we will do.

I will ask you a few questions that you should honestly answer yourself.

So the first question

Has an in-depth reappraisal of material values ​​occurred in you?

How much has your attitude towards what constitutes the material basis of your life?

Could you give up excesses in clothes, food, habits and stereotypes related to social life?

This is not about asceticism, but about excesses, without which you can do perfectly.

Second question

Has an in-depth reappraisal of spiritual values ​​occurred in you?

Have you managed to direct all the acquired spiritual knowledge from theoretical to practical?

Check it out is very simple. If your life has noticeably changed for the better, it means that your harmonious inner state has attracted improvements on the physical plane.

Third question

How long have you been able to maintain peace of mind?

Do you often have mood swings?

If periods of peace of mind are much longer than emotional recessions, then this is already a good result.

Fourth question

How did you manage to cope with your spiritual pride?

And here's how to check it.

A person who has truly reached a state of balance and harmony in the Soul is self-sufficient and laconic. He has no desire and need to tell others how good and spiritual he is.

Usually it is those of you who are still far from such a state who are trying to prove to yourself and others what unprecedented spiritual heights they have reached and, as a rule, they do it pompously, ornately and flowery.

Remember, my dear ones, that the time of words has passed: the energy of low vibrations is no longer able to hide behind any beautiful "spiritual" words …

And the fifth question

How do you feel about others? Do you accept everyone as they are, or do you want to fix them?

If you continue to divide people into good and bad, spiritual and unspiritual, yours and others, then you still have something to work on.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to communicate with everyone in a row.

We are talking about the internal acceptance of any person as God's creation, which has the right to exist and is as much a part of the whole as you yourself.

And let sincere and objective answers to these questions become another milestone on your spiritual path!

The Absolute Father who loves you immeasurably spoke to you

Adopted on March 4, 2018.

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