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Father Absolute – MERGING TWO WORLDS (Golden Lotus). 10/10/2018.

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Father Absolute - MERGING TWO WORLDS (Golden Lotus). 10/10/2018.


Hello my dear beloved children!

In continuation of my message yesterday, we will talk with you about how you can become a living example of a person of the Fifth Dimension, although still living in a three-dimensional world, how you can let this new world into you and dissolve in it forever.

Try to imagine yourself as a beautiful Divine vessel as often as possible, into which the energy of the Fifth Dimension pours from the Heavens like a "mushroom rain", sparkling and shimmering into the sun, in a gentle gentle stream.

It is almost invisible to the eye, but only “tangible” by your Soul, which accepts this priceless gift of Heaven with Love and Gratitude.

You can imagine your eighth chakra in the form of the Golden Lotus, into which this precious “moisture” gathers and then gradually seeps further: into your seventh, sixth, fifth, fourth chakras … and so on until the end, until your whole body feels a new filling energy.

This practice is good in that it can be done anytime, anywhere, replacing the flow of unwanted thoughts with the flow of highly vibrational energy of Love.

To do this, you just need to invoke the Energy of the Fifth Dimension.

If this practice becomes a habit in you, then over time you will learn to masterfully control your thoughts and emotions.

And here is how you can do it.

As soon as you feel that the low emotions of the three-dimensional world begin to overwhelm you, immediately move your consciousness into the eighth chakra, which most of you have already activated.

Invoke the Energy of the Fifth Dimension and enjoy a beautiful sight: watch how this Divine stream washes away your emotions of judgment, irritation, resentment, discontent, control … that you were going to send to the world by inertia, out of a long-standing habit.

The more often you conduct such a practice, the sooner these uninvited guests will leave your consciousness – thoughts and emotions of low vibrations, sometimes inspired by astral beings.

We will stop here today.

The Absolute Father who loves you immeasurably spoke to you

Adopted March 6, 2018.


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