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Father Absolute – MERGING TWO WORLDS (Cloning methods). 01/01/2019.

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Father Absolute - MERGING TWO WORLDS (Cloning methods). 01/01/2019. START

Hello, my dear favorite children!

So, let's continue the conversation about clones and consider some more ways to create them.

Second way

This is the creation of a completely new creature from a human cell. This method is in great demand among reptiloids, since it is completely safe.

Hundreds of secret laboratories have been created around the world that “stamp” such clones.

How are they introduced into society?

Such a creature preserves the memory of a person from the DNA of which it was created, but it contains a certain program – the one that reptilians currently need in this region of the world.

In these technologies, they have reached such heights that it is almost impossible to distinguish a copy from the original.

If we are talking about a significant person influencing the minds of hundreds of thousands of people, or a person whom they plan to appoint to a high post in the highest echelons of power in a particular country, then they shamelessly get rid of the “original” and replace it a copy.

And in this they have achieved great success. The clones created by them are placed in leadership positions in science, medicine, world financial institutions, international organizations, in the power structures of many countries of the world and even in religious communities.

Reptiloid puppet masters control every step of their puppets, since their consciousness is completely subordinate to their creators.

You have probably noticed how inexplicably long live the representatives of the highest caste of reptiloids – sometimes it seems as if they are immortal.

In fact, many of them have already gone into another world, but their brethren from the highest caste or their relatives found it advantageous not to announce for the time being the death of these influential "people" and replaced them with pre-created clones that already completely obey instructions of younger members these clans.

And only when they decide that the time has come to report the death of their relatives, they kill the clone created by him and arrange a magnificent funeral.

And finally, the third method.

Now he is gaining momentum and is particularly popular with reptiloids.

Whole incubators of clone children are being created, who receive the appropriate upbringing and are launched into society as a labor force in order to gradually oust people in all areas of life.

From the very "birth", a microchip is placed in their body, in which a certain program is already embedded, and it can be changed by their creators with one click of a computer button.

This method was especially popular in the densely populated countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America – where people’s consciousness is still completely dominated by a three-dimensional world, where poverty reigns and people have a survival instinct in first place.

In recent decades, the system of chipping – hidden and obvious – reptilians are trying with all their might to introduce into the society still free people.

Therefore, my relatives, I ask you, be vigilant and do not fall for the tricks and provocations that are now placed at every step under the guise of the advertised "convenience" of owning chips.

Keep your Soul and your Divine consciousness pure!

I bless you and love you very much!

Father Absolute spoke to you

Received March 1 January 2019


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