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Father Absolute – MERGING TWO WORLDS (Bring the Fifth Dimension Energies to people). 10/10/2018.

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Father Absolute - MERGING TWO WORLDS (Bring the Fifth Dimension Energies to people). 10/10/2018.


Hello my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to continue talking about new people who have appeared recently on your Earth.

They, like natural phenomena, are manifestations on the physical plane of the Fifth Dimension, but their difference is that they have to interact closely with people of the three-dimensional world who are not at all ready for such a neighborhood.

Moreover, these new people are often perceived by others as hostile, like white crows, and everything they do and say seems to the rest abnormal and frightening.

It has always been like this for millennia: the one who was knocked out of the herd was perceived as an outsider.

This continues to this day.

But have you noticed, my dear ones, how selective is such an attitude?

It is pure and extremely sincere people that often cause anger and aggression, and people are deliberately shocking, false, with perverse tastes and addictions, are raised into heroes.

Why is this happening?

First of all, because it is in the interests of the Dark Forces that still hold power in your world.

They try by all means available to them to play on the lowest human passions, thereby preventing people from developing spiritually. And while they do it.

This will continue until the old world governance system collapses and is replaced by a new one based on completely different principles of relations between people.

But until this happens, you, my relatives, need to maintain energy balance so that slowly, but surely, the scales move to the side of Light.

In my messages, it has been said more than once that it is only through you – people who are in physical bodies, that the Higher Forces are able to conduct highly vibrational energies to the Earth most effectively.

Therefore, invoke the energies of the Fifth Dimension as often as possible and pass them through all your bodies.

Thus, you will be saturated with them yourself and at the same time fill them with all the space around.

This will help the people around you to change their consciousness imperceptibly for themselves, gradually moving with the Earth into a new era.

And the last thing I would like to tell you about today.

Try, my dear ones, not to regard this as work, but to be creative.

Turn on your imagination, remember your childhood, play wizards!

Only then will you achieve really good results.

Always remember that excessive seriousness carries the energies of lower vibrations than imagination and fantasy, a sense of humor and good irony, joy and fun …

So fill your life and the life of those around you with light sparkling energies of the Fifth Dimension, wherever you are!

Bless you on this!

The Absolute Father who loves you immeasurably spoke to you

Adopted March 8, 2018


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