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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Structure of the reptilian community). 12/20/2018

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Structure of the reptilian community). 12/20/2018


Hello, my dear favorite children!

Today I will try to explain to you the structure of the very network that the reptilians wove around the Earth, as mentioned in my first message.

In fact, it is very difficult – a multi-level, multi-level and multidimensional program that was developed by the Draconian civilization in such a way that no part of the land is left uncovered by reptilians.

And they fully succeeded.

For clarity, imagine the whole globe, entangled in a net of honeycombs.

And within each large cell there are many other cells smaller.

In these small, in turn, there are even smaller cells, and so on.

Thus, each of the hexagons is a “cell of the community” of reptiloids.

The six largest hexagons, in which all the others are located, are the highest caste of reptiloids, who decide the fate of the world.

The points of the vertices of the hexagon are the souls of reptiloids embodied in human bodies — six in each cell.

And the lines that connect them, represent an energy "soldering" between them.

As a result, every reptiloid embodied at the present time on Earth is energetically connected with all its hierarchs.

In order to cover the entire population of the earth, reptiloids are embodied in the most diverse social strata, but especially there are a lot of them in science and religion, which have the greatest influence on the consciousness of people.

Science was initially aimed at eradicating the Divine view of the world and the Universe and directing it into the earthly – material and practical – channel.

In the same way, religion, which at first glance is a kind of counterbalance to science, also led people away from God, but in a different way.

Almost all the religions of the world separate man from God, representing him as a certain judge, master of destinies, someone distant, mystical and inaccessible to a mere mortal.

No religion says that man is a part of God, which means God-man.

Therefore, religious fanatics are as far from God as scientific atheists.

Both that and another is a carefully thought-out and planned reptilian top program of enslaving human consciousness.

Those grains of true knowledge that the great Souls who incarnated on the Earth tried to convey to people, were kept silent in every way or, on the contrary, were ridiculed and considered as sedition.

All this was realized through those very representatives of cells-cells of all levels, tightly interconnected, who, as if by electrical wires, carried out the energy and information needed by the reptilians into the world.

Reptiloids of all stripes, like bees, carried their prey to these cells, the human energies gathered from the human consciousness transformed by them.

Now these cells are already overcrowded, and only a tiny part of humanity has remained on Earth, which managed not to fall into the networks spread by reptiloids and save its Divine Soul.

On this we will stop today.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Received March 20 December 2018


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