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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (School years). 10/31/2018.

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (School years). 10/31/2018. START

Hello, my dear favorite children!

So, let's continue the conversation about how you can help your children grow up free and happy.

Perhaps the most difficult at present is the combination of home education and external influence, which has on your children nurseries, kindergartens and school.

Since the vast majority of them still adhere to the old system of education, with which many parents do not agree, we have to look for some compromise.

And that's what it can be.

If you are unable to find an educational institution that fully meets your desires, and you had to send your child to a regular school, it is very important to behave so that the child does not feel hostility towards the teacher and students, even if he sees how strong he is differs from others.

Try to gently explain to the child that all children are different, there are many of them, so the teacher finds it difficult to find the same approach to all, and he has to be strict in order to maintain order in the classroom.

And of course, you definitely need to establish contact with his teacher to tell him about the peculiarities of the nature and perception of the world of your child.

Carefully watch what happens in your child's soul: whether he managed to adapt to new conditions or suffers from misunderstanding and hostility.

It can be difficult for crystal kids to plunge into the three-dimensional world, and therefore do everything to save your child from stress.

The main thing is that he does not become locked in himself, but see in you a faithful friend who can reveal his soul and share all his experiences.

If you meet a complete misunderstanding on the part of teachers, and your child suffers, do not go on about inertia, but look for another school, other teachers who will be able to understand you and make your child happy.

Remember, my relatives, that it is the family that lays the main foundation for the personality of a small person, and his whole future life depends on how his childhood is.

And these are the "bricks" from which the "building" of his Soul should be built.

The first. Attitude to the world.

Smile at him, and he will smile back at you.

The second. Attitude towards people.

Love everyone without exception and without any conditions, and their love will return to you a hundredfold.

Third. Attitude to yourself.

Love yourself as you are, for you are the only and unique Creation of God.

Fourth. Be able to be yourself in any life situation.

Sincerity and openness are the most valuable qualities of a person, his natural Gift, his Divine essence.

The fifth. Accept all people, without exception, as they are.

Be grateful to any person you meet, for he brings new colors and unforgettable impressions into your life.

The sixth. Never regret anything.

Everything that happens in your life goes to your Soul's box. Any experience is invaluable.

Seventh. Be able to enjoy the little things and thank for all that you have.

Gratitude, like Love, can turn your life into a fairy tale.

On this we will stop today.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Received March 31 October 2018


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