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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (School of Survival). 4.11.2018.

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (School of Survival). 4.11.2018.

Hello, my dear favorite children!

Today we turn with you to a new and very serious topic that concerns each of you.

It will be a question of your readiness to accept those cardinal changes that will start occurring on your planet every day more and more.

I see that theoretically many of you are ready for this and are looking forward to such changes.

But you have already seen with the example of the Laws of the Universe, what a gulf lies between theory and practice: how difficult it is to change your character, follow every thought, manage your emotions, sometimes pouring over the edge.

Now imagine that your whole familiar life is collapsing with its well-established way of life, comfort and well-established traditions.

This will especially affect those people who fall into areas of natural disasters.

But even those of you who are in safe places will be worried about your future.

The fact is that subconsciously you perceive your entire planet as a single whole – as your earthly House, and if any one part of it collapses, it involuntarily affects all its inhabitants, even if they are far away from the affected areas.

And I want to prepare you for the coming changes in your life, so that you meet them with dignity and calmness yourself and help others in this.

So, let's start with what feelings you have in the first moments when you hear about natural disasters in one or another point of the Earth.

These are emotions of fear, grief and despair, pity for people in trouble?

Or maybe it is the joy that this did not happen to you?

As a rule, people of the three-dimensional world react to the tragedies of others.

Those who have already gone beyond duality are characterized by a wise understanding of the inevitability of what is happening and the desire to provide all possible assistance to the victims.

It is very important, my relatives, to learn how to react ENERGY to any events in your life and the life of your planet.

This will allow you to build such a chain of further actions, which will not only not aggravate the difficult situation, but will help you find wise solutions and a decent way out of the seemingly impasse.

And in the next message we will talk with you about this in more detail.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Adopted March 4 November 2018


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