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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Reptiloid People). 12/18/2018

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Reptiloid People). 12/18/2018 START

Hello, my dear favorite children!

Today we will continue the conversation about reptiloids and this time we will talk about how children are born from mixed marriages between reptiloids and people.

And here the main factor is the emotions that each spouse experiences at the time of conception.

If a child was conceived in love, which some reptilians are still capable of, incarnated many times in human bodies, then the child will be born a full-fledged person with a divine soul.

If this happened by force or only by a great desire from a reptilid, but not a person, then a reptiloid is born.

But it often happens that the relations between the spouses are even, without excessive emotions, and then half-blooded people are born, that is, people in whom the Divine soul of man and the reptilian soul, which does not carry the Divine principle, simultaneously live.

And there are a huge number of such semi-humans semi-fintiloids now on Earth.

It is they who make up the bulk of the people who live according to a certain standard laid down in them by the reptiloid parent.

Between two souls who, by the will of fate, were in the same body, there is a constant struggle for the right of complete possession of their physical carrier.

And many feel it. Hence the expression that "God and the Devil live simultaneously in every person."

In fact, far from everyone, but only in those people whose souls unwittingly found themselves in such an unnatural state for them.

On the physical plane, this is manifested in the fact that these people are constantly thrown from side to side – they are torn apart by the most contradictory thoughts, emotions and actions.

Their spiritual impulses are extinguished by "rational" practical considerations, as they carry on an endless internal struggle between the Divine and the earthly.

This is explained by the fact that the reptiloid part of their being is capable of living only with the MIND, and their Divine human part wants to live with the HEART.

And very few people manage to combine these two components and even more so to completely evict the reptiloid soul from their physical body.

And here a lot depends on what kind of relationship a child has with his parents – whose influence on him will prevail: a person or a reptiloid.

If the upbringing of the child is completely in the hands of the reptiloid, then he will create his likeness from him, expelling from him the divine soul.

If the pure, elevated soul of his human parent is taken up for his upbringing and development, then a reptiloid can be expelled from his physical body, which can no longer exist in the high vibrations of the human Soul.

But, unfortunately, my relatives, this is such a delicate sacral process, which has many nuances and depends on a variety of life circumstances, that it is very difficult to bring under it some kind of common basis.

This struggle between souls in the physical body of a person can last his whole life, and can end very quickly with the victory of one of them.

And I am telling you so in detail about this only so that you understand how complicated the world is in which you live and how much depends on you.

You can save even the one who is a reptilian in half, and therefore, give him a new life of full-fledged Divine creation.

On this we will stop today.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Received March 18 December 2018


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