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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Redistribution of roles in relations with children). 10.28.2018

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Redistribution of roles in relations with children). 10.28.2018 Hello, my dear favorite children!

Today we are embarking on a new topic, and it concerns your relationship with children.

There were already many messages about this, but now, during the period of the merging of two worlds, this topic takes on special significance.

Just as your Earth “turns inside out” by entering a new high-vibrational energy space, so in your society there will be a shift in the usual social roles, when not adults teach and raise children, but children – adults.

Of course, this will occur gradually, as people begin to understand what great and wise souls are now embodied in the bodies of many children.

And here are the stages that will precede the redistribution of roles in your society.

First stage. Even the most conservative teachers and teachers will understand that the old approach to education has become obsolete. They will see that the mindset and worldview of today's children are completely different.

Of these, it is impossible to make obedient performers of the will of the elders, since these children have innate inner freedom, which leads them through life, regardless of any external pressure on them.

This can be expressed in different ways: someone will openly show their displeasure, while others will close in on themselves, isolating themselves from the world alien to them.

Of course, there will remain a small layer of obedient children, yielding to the old methods of teaching and education, but they will be much smaller than those who are already on the other side of the border separating the three-dimensional world and the world of the Fifth Dimension, which every day more and more regains its positions on the ground.

Second phase. A new cohort of teachers capable of creating educational and educational programs based on the Laws of the Universe will appear.

That is why at the end of the twentieth century a huge wave of indigo children came to Earth – the forerunners of crystal children who began to be born already in the twenty-first century.

And if the training programs of the three-dimensional world cause rejection in modern children, the new programs will be perceived by them easily and naturally, because this knowledge is already in them from the beginning, and everything will seem familiar and familiar to them.

The third stage. Development of children's creative potential at the earliest stage of their education.

This is very important, my dear, because in the Fifth Dimensional Society, the meaning of each person’s life will be to maximize the realization of the talents and abilities that are contained in it.

This is what makes a person truly happy and helps to feel the fullness of life: to give the best that he has to others.

And so that a person does not waste many years in vain, being engaged not in what he was born for and what his Soul yearns for, tests will be developed to help him, capable of identifying as soon as possible the individual qualities and abilities of each child.

On this we will stop today.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Received March 28 October 2018

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