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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (New way of thinking). November 7, 2018

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (New way of thinking). November 7, 2018


Hello, my dear favorite children!

Once you learn to stay in energy balance, as discussed in my previous message, you can proceed to the next step.

And it will consist in the fact that you need to lay in your consciousness a firm conviction that YOU CAN NOT HAPPEN ANYTHING BADLY.

And unshakable faith in this should literally be imprinted in your subconscious.

Not everyone will be able to do it the first time, because in the three-dimensional world, people are accustomed to "really look at things."

But in reality, this “reality” is often negative in nature: a person is more likely to expect something bad than good.

And this is explained by the fact that he too deeply settled in the people of FEAR, which programs the minds of people into such scenarios of development of events that are beneficial only to those who feed on the low energies of fear and self-disbelief, that is, astral entities of all kinds.

If you succeed in “settling” in your subconscious mind the boundless belief that you are UNCONFINCED AND BEING PROTECTED BY ALL THE HIGHER FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE, your life will be transformed, already filled with completely different energies.

I know, my dear ones, that in the three-dimensional world “blind faith” is perceived by many as being based on nothing fanaticism.

Unfortunately, people have forgotten that they are all-powerful Divine beings who are able to create reality by the power of their thoughts.

For centuries and millennia, faith in themselves has been persistently and systematically killed.

They were convinced that they were “slaves of God” and that little depended on themselves.

And this slave psychology is so ingrained in the flesh and blood of man that he allowed society in the face of churchmen, dignitaries, those in power to control their consciousness, and by and large, and their lives.

It was from here that fear was born in people: not to please, not to conform, not to be able to stand up for yourself …

But the main instrument of Fear was the EXPECTATION OF PUNISHMENT from both people and from God.

It manifested itself in various forms and corroded the souls of people, preventing them from living freely and happily.

I am telling you so in detail about this only so that you understand that it is time to get rid of this artificially imposed fear of you for your life, for the lives of your loved ones, for your present and future.

The time has come to take your destiny into your own hands and replace all of your behavioral habits and reactions inherent in the dual world with new ones – those that will allow you to move to a higher level of your existence – where the world is ruled by UNITY and LOVE.

And next time we will talk about how you can overcome in your consciousness the barrier that separates the dual world from the unipolar one, in which you will soon have to live.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Adopted March 7 November 2018


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