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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Help your kid open up). 10.28.2018

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Help your kid open up). 10.28.2018


Hello, my dear favorite children!

Today we will continue to talk about new children and the impact they will have on people in the three-dimensional world.

In the transitional period, while a new system of upbringing and education has not yet been formed, it will be especially difficult for them to accept the fact that they are being prepared to overcome difficulties, and not to LIVE freely and happily.

This centuries-old system of Today was artificially imposed on people in order to direct all their thoughts to survival, not to creation.

And only rare lucky people managed to do what they really were born for.

These were bright extraordinary personalities who managed to make their way to the Earth "Olympus" with their rare gift or talent.

New children will intuitively feel with their whole being that they are taught not by those who should do it, and not by what they really need.

And this discrepancy hurts the childish psyche.

Now there will be more and more children who will not erase the memory of their existence between incarnations and who know about the fateful processes taking place on Earth now.

And it is very important to see such children in order not only to prevent them from shutting themselves off from the world, but, on the contrary, to create conditions so that they are not afraid to share their knowledge, visions, and understanding of the events around them with others.

These children are parts of the Great Souls that have now descended to Earth to help humanity in Ascension, and people should gratefully accept this Gift of Heaven and take full advantage of it.

If you feel that there is such a child next to you, carefully listen to everything he says and do not be afraid to ask him questions.

When he sees your genuine interest, he will open up like a beautiful flower, and will not be afraid to seem strange and ridiculous against the background of ordinary children.

The same kids who fall into an unfavorable environment for them, artificially close the channel of communication with the Forces of Light in order to look like everything and not be exposed to the mockery of others.

Thus, you lose a precious source of knowledge, depriving yourself and others of the opportunity to get true information first-hand.

Therefore, my dear, listen carefully to what your baby says, and learn to read between the lines.

It is possible that it is he who will bring into your life that missing piece of knowledge that will help you make the Transition.

The main distinguishing features of such children are their absolute sincerity, goodwill and full confidence in life.

They were born and live in the energy of Unconditional Love, which they brought with them as their natural habitat.

And in your power, my dear ones, not only not to destroy their magical – Divine – energetic space, but also to bring into it my love and trust in this little creature that bravely descended to Earth to help people move into a new beautiful life.

And I bless you on this!

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Received March 28 October 2018


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