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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Finding true spirituality). 10/23/2018

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Finding true spirituality). 10/23/2018


Hello, my dear favorite children!

So, we start work on finding true spirituality – without the slightest touch of the dual world.

And the first step to this will be to identify – extremely objective – the main trait of your character.

And here's what you need to do for this.

Choose a day that promises you a lot of impressions, unforeseen events, as well as meetings with different people.

This is necessary in order to monitor their spontaneous reaction to everything that happens.

If you spend the day alone, you will not be able to check yourself.

So, being in the midst of events, carefully track every thought, every emotion, every word, or, conversely, unsaid.

But here it is very important to behave naturally, not trying to conform to the image created by you, otherwise all your efforts will go to waste.

You need to ensure that the “fine-tuning” of your reaction to the situation or to the behavior of a person works.

It is necessary to catch the very first impulse – the emotion that spilled out involuntarily.

Was it a simple human curiosity, or perhaps a condemnation, disappointment, or a desire to help, to guide a person on the right path?

Do you have a patronizing attitude towards the one who failed?

Did you sincerely rejoice for the lucky one?

The shades of feelings and emotions that have engulfed you can be infinite, and this is perfectly normal for a person living in the dual world.

And what should be the reaction of someone who has already reached the level of true spiritual purity?

First of all, it must be impartiality and complete acceptance of what is happening, without any human judgment.

So far, my relatives, few have managed to do this, because your Ego is too accustomed to participate in everything that comes its way.

It plunges headlong into the thick of events, trying to assert itself at the expense of others and to demonstrate all its "best qualities."

And this is often done from the best of intentions, with which, as you already know, “the road to hell is paved”.

Do you know where this expression came from?

Its deep meaning lies in the fact that it seems to many that it is they who know better what is good and what is bad for another person, be it your family, friends or colleagues.

As a result, the free will of man is not respected, which means that one of the main Laws of the Universe is violated.

And now, my dear ones, answer yourself honestly and objectively: do you still happen to play the role of such benefactors, or do you allow your family and friends to take their lessons, to make their own mistakes?

Are you able to restrain yourself without interfering in their lives and expressing your opinion, no matter how painful you look at these "mistakes"?

We will stop on this today, and in my next message I will tell you how to learn wise detachment, which will benefit both you and your loved ones.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Received March 23 October 2018


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