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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Fathers and children). 2.11.2018.

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Fathers and children). 2.11.2018.


Hello, my dear favorite children!

Today I want to talk about your grown-up children – how to build relationships with them in order not to harm them or yourself.

Of course, there cannot be a single recipe here either, since the style of relationships with children that was laid down from childhood, as a rule, then extends to the rest of your life.

And variations on the theme "Fathers and Sons" can be an infinite number.

Let's take one of the most common examples.

How does a child grow up, whose entire childhood passed under the constant supervision of parents and grandparents who followed his every breath, every step, in short, lived his life – his problems and concerns?

There can be two variants of his behavior: either the infantilism that has been preserved for the rest of his life and the consumer attitude towards people, or the irresistible desire to defend his independence and prove his worth.

Both that and another is a bias that does not allow a person to live peacefully and happily, with full confidence in himself and the world.

But believe, my relatives, if you see your mistakes in raising a child and are aware of your mistakes, you can easily correct them.

But this should be done very subtly, without “sudden movements”, since the work you have to do is not easy – to reprogram the consciousness and attitude of your child.

First of all, you have to change yourself. If you begin to rebuild your relationship with children, but they see that nothing changes in yourself, this undertaking will be doomed to failure.

It must be remembered that the psychological installation created over the years cannot be destroyed overnight.

You have a long and hard work that requires wisdom, patience and endless love.

Do not be afraid to admit your mistakes in front of already grown up children. This is not a manifestation of weakness. On the contrary, in this way you show them that you can now talk to them on equal terms, that you are their friends and associates.

Never speak with your children in an edifying tone that immediately puts an insurmountable barrier between you.

Always remember that age in the concept of man of the three-dimensional world has nothing to do with the age of the Soul.

And it often happens that children – Souls are much more ancient than their parents.

Subconsciously, they feel it and therefore especially suffer when adults try to “crush” them under themselves, thereby depriving them of the opportunity to open up to the end and begin to fulfill the mission for which they came to Earth.

And of course, it is not by chance that in the same family so different, dissimilar Souls gather together.

So the “older ones” pull up the “younger ones”, and, of course, this is not about the physical age of a person, but about the “age” of his Soul.

And the last thing I would like to tell you today.

Never compare yourself with your children, do not try to impose your vision of the world on them, and do not force them to go on the beaten track, both professionally and in a purely everyday, unless they choose this path themselves – completely independently, without any pressure on your part.

Let the children live their own lives, do not violate their free will, respect their choice, no matter how strange and unexpected it may seem to you.

This will show you respect and love for them, which will help you maintain the warmest and friendliest relationship with them.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Received March 2 November 2018


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