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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Energy "mixing") + PRACTICE. 10/21/2018

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Energy "mixing") + PRACTICE. 10/21/2018


Hello, my dear favorite children!

To end our conversation about relations between people at the junction of two worlds, I would like to dwell on one more aspect of the interaction of people still in the power of the three-dimensional world and those whose consciousness has already risen to the level of the Fifth Dimension.

In this case, two worlds collide – those who live according to the usual universal human laws, and those who try to live according to the Laws of the Universe.

Now the mixing of these two worlds is happening, and rather chaotic, because there are still few people on Earth who have managed to completely escape from the influence of the dual world, and in the dual world, on the contrary, more and more people appear who understand the absurdity of what is happening and begin to look for alternative – spiritual – components of their lives.

This transitional period will last for quite a long time, since the vibrational gap between these worlds is too large.

I know that every one of those who are reading this message now, with all my heart wants to change for the better and does everything possible for this, but the three-dimensional world in which you live, every day presents you with new and new tests, as if testing you for strength, and if you do not pass them with dignity, it again draws you into its orbit.

Such a state, when you have to break between two worlds, is an inevitable stage of the Transition.

And now I want to give you some tips that will help you to overcome this gap with the least losses not only by yourself, but also to help other people who are subconsciously trying to do this.

Try, my dear, every time they try to draw you into a conversation, carrying in it energies of aggression, condemnation, criticism, either by any means to leave him, or in a mild form to explain to your interlocutor that you are all different and everyone learns from his mistakes so you don’t want to judge anyone – over time, the person will understand everything himself …

Learn to be “diplomats”, which in this case will be your manifestation of Unconditional Love.

Do not take sides, which is a vivid example of duality, “to be friends” against someone.

And one more tip I wanted to give you.

Every time when communicating with any person, try to absorb it into your energy field.

This will help you to reduce the difference in your vibrations in your favor: to raise the vibrations of your interlocutor at least for the period of communication with you.

And this is how you can do it.

Imagine your field in the form of a brightly glowing cocoon or an energy pillar of Light, whose borders are blurred, that is, transparent and easily surmountable.

And then mentally you can either pull this person into your energy field, or expand your field to those sizes until you see that it has absorbed your interlocutor.

You will be taken in a matter of seconds, but this will help you to significantly reduce the gap in your vibrations, which means that you will adjust the person to the same wave with you, and then the conversation will begin to flow quite differently.

So you can extinguish any emerging conflict and from the very beginning direct the conversation to a peaceful course.

If you have a conversation with many people at once, then you can use another method: mentally mix the energy fields of all those present, that is, create a single energy space and fill it with the energy of Light and Love.

This can be useful for those who are obliged to hold meetings or speak to a large audience.

If you master these simple practices, your contact with the three-dimensional world will not be painful for you, and the people with whom you have to communicate will gradually pull up to the level of your vibrations.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Received March 21 October 2018



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