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Father Absolute – MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Cocoon of Love). PRACTICE. 11/06/2018.

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Father Absolute - MERGER OF TWO WORLDS (Cocoon of Love). PRACTICE. 11/06/2018.


Hello, my dear favorite children!

Today we begin the practical part of reprogramming your unconscious reactions.

But first of all you need to learn how to manage your mind.

Now I will offer you a simple practice that should help you find a state of balance.

From now on, it should become the “starting point” of any of your spontaneous reactions.

This is very important, and here's why.

If you are in an agitated or depressed state, then your unconscious reaction to any event will “repel” from the chaos energies with which your thin bodies are filled.

If you are completely calm and balanced, then it will be easy for you to “catch” disharmonious energies that can enter into discord with your own – harmonious.

So, go to practice. Let's call it "Cocoon of Love".

Imagine yourself a beautiful butterfly, which is nice and cozy in your cocoon, where it basks in the energy of Unconditional Love.

Feel full security – your divine immunity.

No one and nothing can bring you out of this blissful state.

You know that nothing bad can happen to you, because you are under the protection of the most powerful energy of Love in the Universe, as well as of all the Forces of Light.

You understand that everything that happens outside of your Cocoon is only a “scenery”, an illusory three-dimensional world, into which you plunged out of curiosity and desire to experience feelings and emotions unknown to you.

But now the last act of this “performance” called “Ascension of the Earth” is near.

Your planet decided, just like you, to throw off the shackles of three-dimensionality and return Home to the Creator.

It smoothly and majestically makes its Transition from one dimension to another, and you are in its energy field, feel it with every cell of your body …

But in order not to get lost and “not get hurt” on the way, you hid in this beautiful golden “Cocoon of Love”.

You will be in it until you can “flutter” already into the new world of the Fifth Dimension, where you will feel safe and you will find your ability to fly lost in the three-dimensional world …

Feel this Cocoon with your whole being …

Get used to it as to your clothes, without which you cannot go out into the world, where human passions still boil, from which you yourself have already got rid of for a long time.

Look at people and everything that happens around with wise calmness, because you know that all this is temporary, illusory and inevitable in the three-dimensional world, but you have already passed your lessons of duality and have found in your Soul long-awaited peace and quiet.

Try, my dear ones, so that this practice becomes your usual state, your way of life, your new perception of the world …

I bless you and love you very much!

Father Absolute spoke to you

Adopted March 6 November 2018


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