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Father Absolute – Fusion of Two Worlds (Consciousness of the Fifth Dimension). 10/07/2018.

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Father Absolute - Fusion of Two Worlds (Consciousness of the Fifth Dimension). 10/07/2018. START

Hello my dear beloved children!

My message today will be addressed to those who have already moved their consciousness to a new level of being, while still among the people of the dual world.

And it will be about those of you who have completely got rid of the stereotypes of the three-dimensional world and live as the Soul tells him, even if this goes against public opinion.

There are still few such people on Earth, and they, of course, seem strange to the rest, incomprehensible, their behavior is perceived as provocative and most often condemns, because it does not fit into the generally accepted social framework.

As a rule, such people always say what they think, even if it’s not very personal things for others, although they try to do it softly and delicately.

Such straightforwardness is explained by the fact that they are no longer able to adapt, to dissemble, to speak nice words to people only out of politeness, so as not to offend them and look good in the eyes of others themselves.

They feel with their whole being that directness is better and more honest than duplicity, and they are no longer able to play by the rules of the dual world, when a person thinks one thing, speaks another, and acts as his practical mind tells him, which has already become a habit for most people of the three-dimensional world.

These new people, and especially children, do not organically tolerate lies, resourcefulness, practicality, no matter what good intentions they hide behind.

They are already made from another “test” – they manifest the energetic “kneading” of the Fifth Dimension, where everything is transparent, where the true essence of a person is visible, where people are perceived at the level of energies, not words.

Such people have almost no ego.

Moreover, it is not at all necessary that they are incapable of life without adaptation.

They may be quite prosperous people, but their internal attitude to their social status and prosperity, and accordingly their behavior, are fundamentally different from the existing stereotypes of behavior and lifestyle of people of their circle, who boast of their “high” position and do everything possible to match it .

People with the consciousness of the Fifth Dimension are characterized by inner freedom in all its manifestations, which, as a rule, causes admiration of some and condemnation of others.

But those who have already embarked on the path of spiritual development feel and value the purity of souls and the independence of the judgments of these new people.

Those who are still completely in the grip of the three-dimensional world, such people cause anger, irritation, condemnation and fear.

I know that many of you already know this.

So how do you behave, my dear ones, if you belong to the category of people who already have the consciousness of the Fifth Dimension?

Of course, first of all, in all circumstances, remain yourself.

And never harbor a grudge against those who judge you.

Be patient, condescending and wise, because you understand that these people are influenced by the deep-rooted programs of the dual world that have been embedded in the human mind for so many centuries.

Once their turn comes and gain inner freedom, independence of behavior and judgment, and while they are at the beginning of the path, respect their right to their own opinion – do not repeat their mistakes, because you are already standing with one foot in the new energy space of the Fifth Dimension.

Bless you on this, my dear ones!

The Absolute Father who loves you immeasurably spoke to you

Adopted March 7, 2018


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