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Father-Absolute – Awakening of Mankind (Window to the World). March 4, 2019

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Father-Absolute - Awakening of Mankind (Window to the World). March 4, 2019


Hello dear my favorite children!

In continuation of our talk about your internal reactions, I will now give you a few simple practices that will help you track the first moments of your reaction and direct it to the direction you need.

Let's call the first of them "Divine mesh", and that's what it is.

As soon as you hear any news, try to catch it immediately and place it in an invisible “mesh” woven from golden threads of the Divine energy of Love.

This will allow you to avoid the stereotypical reaction that can trigger an undesirable energy process in the development of this situation.

And as soon as this news is in the “mesh”, you need to move your consciousness into your thin bodies and feel their reaction to what is happening.

The meaning of this practice is to have time to turn off your Mind and give place to the Soul, which, unlike him, is well aware of what happened and why and what development of events can be the best for you.

Of course, the Soul, unlike your Uma-Ego, can make completely different conclusions – unexpected for you – and push you to unusual decisions.

And you need to be ready for this.

Why is it so important to look at the situation from a thin plan?

This will help you to remain an outside observer and, without getting involved in what is happening emotionally, to see the whole picture, to trace the causal chain of the incident and to hear the hint of your Soul.

The second practice we will call "Window to the world."

Its meaning is that your consciousness “releases into the world” only an energetically pure “product” – your high-vibration thoughts and emotions.

To do this, any new information for you must go through the Divine "processing" – comprehension of it by your subtle senses of higher order, that is, with the assistance of your upper chakras and the corresponding subtle bodies.

Then on the physical plane this will manifest itself in your non-standard reaction and actions that go beyond the stereotypes of the three-dimensional world.

Take this example.

You have felt someone's hostility towards you. This may be a colleague, a neighbor, someone from your relatives.

Try in this case, apply the above two practices at once.

First, “catch” your sense of hostility and hostility on the part of this person into the Divine “mesh” and give it “to judgment” to your Soul.

She will promptly tell you the reason for such hostility – she will highlight your inner qualities, which have drawn such an attitude towards you.

Having accepted and realized the cause of the incident, do not scold yourself for these qualities, but try to transform them into Light and Love.

You can see them in the form of dark energy clots, which, under the influence of this Divine energy, dissolve before your eyes, turning into golden sparks filling your energy space.

And only after that, release through the “window to the world” your new feeling – the feeling of Love and Gratitude to this person for helping you get rid of the negative energies that fed your Ego, and therefore, take another step towards Ascension.

And after that, on the physical plane, everything will be resolved in the most amazing way: you will definitely find a way to relieve tension in communication with this person, which will bring you peace of mind and establish harmonious relations with him.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Adopted March 4 March 2019


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