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Father Absolute – AWAKENING OF HUMANITY (Inner energy is the creator of our reality). March 6, 2019

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Father Absolute - AWAKENING OF HUMANITY (Inner energy is the creator of our reality). March 6, 2019


Hello, my dear favorite children!

Today we are summing up a series of my messages about a person’s internal reactions.

Why do I pay so much attention to this?

As you already understood from the previous messages, it is your internal state and your internal spontaneous reactions that trigger the energetic mechanism for the development of all the events of your life.

This is how you create your reality.

Since everything in the Universe is energy, it is the basis of all your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Energy originates in your subtle bodies, which are energy bunches of certain vibrations.

And if you learn to manage this energy, then you can "sculpt" from it everything that your Soul desires.

This is the way reality is created in the higher dimensions, but you have a unique opportunity to learn it now, while still in the three-dimensional world.

Transformation of the Earth is happening rapidly, as its vibrations grow every day, just like yours, my dear ones.

And although your planet is not in the best shape, because its body is plagued by natural disasters in the form of floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and typhoons, it is already close to recovery.

The crisis of its “disease” is coming to an end, as well as the crisis of the “disease” of humanity, whose “ulcers” and “boils” are ready to break through.

And now it depends on each of you how quickly your planet and you yourself will come out of the crisis.

The law of the Universe, which says “What is inside, then outside” means precisely the energies that a person radiates to the outside and which then attract people of different situations and vibrations to themselves.

And thoughts, emotions, deeds – all of them are already secondary, since they consist of the energies with which a person feeds them as they pass through the chain of energy, triggered by the FIRST RESPONSE to this or that event, to one or another person’s statement in a word, everything that comes his way.

Therefore, my dear ones, in order to find true harmony in your life, you need to learn to hold back your very first – unconscious, spontaneous and uncontrollable – internal reactions, which will pull the energy “fiery” bursts of negative thoughts, emotions and generated they are destructive.

That is why I dwelt on your INNER REACTIONS in such detail, because a person has long learned to take on his external reactions to put on a mask of politeness, restraint, indifference, hypocrisy — in short, try on all sorts of “masks” of the three-dimensional world.

But the main role in his life is played by what is hidden from human eyes – his TRUE FEELINGS and those ENERGIES that radiate his thin bodies, thereby “prescribing the scenario” of his future life.

And now, when the vibrational background of the Earth is changing rapidly, everything secret becomes obvious in this area of ​​people's life: you begin to feel the energy of a person, and not what is hidden behind his words and his innumerable masks.

The time has come to throw off the “garments” of the three-dimensional world and “bare” your Soul – this is the purest Divine creation that has been waiting for its time for so long: to be released from the grip of three-dimensionality and to gain inner freedom.

I bless you, my relatives, and I love immensely!

Father Absolute spoke to you

Received March 6 March 2019

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