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Father Absolute – AWAKENING OF HUMANITY (Influence of the internal reaction on the situation). 02.27.2019.

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Father Absolute - AWAKENING OF HUMANITY (Influence of the internal reaction on the situation). 02.27.2019.


Hello, my dear favorite children!

And now we will look at how your internal reaction can affect the situation.

In this case, the same energy mechanism is activated as in your interaction with the person: you pull the situation into the space of your high vibrations.

Take this example.

You have a difficult working environment in your team because of difficult, conflict-prone relations between employees.

You really want to harmonize it for the common good of all.

You understand perfectly well that conversations with each of the parties to the conflict will not lead to anything, since each of them has their own truth.

And then you decide to work with the situation as a whole.

In this case, energy interaction takes place not with separate people, but with their collective consciousness, “polluted” with mutual reproaches and discontent, which is the reason for the heavy working atmosphere.

In order for this work to be successful, you need to make sure that you are not taking a side in this conflict, but really are a PARENTAL OBSERVER not involved in this situation.

This is very important, my relatives, because only in this case you will be able to keep your vibrations unchanged, and your consciousness unipolar.

You should look at everything that happens through the eyes of a loving parent who is watching the quarrel of his children, for whom it is impossible to be angry.

These are your children and your colleagues who are still passionate about the games of the dual world.

And only after you feel that you have gained complete neutrality in your soul in relation to this whole situation, can you begin to work with it.

This time, place in your energy field not a single person or your colleagues in turn, namely the entire situation with all its intricacies and long-time boils.

Try to expand your subtle bodies so that you can incorporate into them the entire energy space of your working team – with all the rooms and people.

What will happen at the same time on the subtle plane?

Under the influence of your high vibrations, the connections established between people, bearing a negative character, will begin to break down.

The concentration of all kinds of negative energies that have settled both in the minds of these people and in their working space will gradually weaken, and over time these energy bunches will completely dissolve in the rays of your Light and Love energy.

After all, this is exactly what happens when an unusually bright person appears in a complex unfriendly team, a peacemaker by nature.

Already by his presence he transforms the “heavy” energy that has settled here into “light” energy, and soon the atmosphere in this team changes in a miraculous way – it becomes light, friendly and joyful.

People imperceptibly for themselves forget about their former enmity, claims and grievances.

So, my dear, you can work with any life situation, and, most importantly, do not forget about two fundamental rules: keep complete neutrality and work not with individuals, but with their collective consciousness and what they gave rise to their emotions.

But in order to keep what you have achieved at the same height, you need to be at your height and make sure that your vibrations remain unchanged.

The Absolute Father who loves you immensely has spoken to you

Adopted March 27 February 2019


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