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Father Absolute – A New Era on Earth. 10/12/2018.

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Father Absolute - A New Era on Earth. 10/12/2018.

Hello my dear beloved children!

I would like to convey to you urgent information that concerns each of you.

Today, October 12, 2018, your planet entered the New Era, breaking the last energy line that separated it from the long-awaited Ascension.

Now all events will begin to develop at an accelerated pace. This applies to both global events and events in the life of each of you.

And this is due to the fact that the time parameters resonated with the new vibrations of the Earth.

What could stretch out for years and decades before will now shrink to weeks, days, and even hours.

You have already noticed how the scale of natural disasters on your planet is growing every day.

And this is due to the fact that the natural elements were the first to join this new energy flow, as a result of which the cleansing of the Earth has begun at such a fast pace.

Now it’s the turn of man to enter this new energy space.

This becomes a necessary condition for his survival.

You know what tremendous help is being provided to you by the Higher Forces of the Universe and your Galactic family.

But they expect real returns from you.

It still seems to you that you have a lot of time ahead, and you are in no hurry to change.

But now your Mother Earth asks you to hurry, because no matter how she loves you, she will not be able to save you if you continue to sleep without a sound sleep in the illusions of a three-dimensional world.

Your heavenly helpers, whom you are so used to hoping for, will not be able to save you.

My relatives, wake up finally!

Show, finally, that Divinity about which we have already spoken so much!

Stop looking around, drowning in streams of the most diverse and contradictory information!

Focus only on yourself!

Imagine that you are throwing off all the old “clothes”: you will forever get rid of your insatiable Ego, your inveterate beliefs that you cling to so stubbornly, from all thoughts and emotions generated by the dual world.

Fill to the brim with the Light of the Creator and the energy of Unconditional Love, which are the only ones capable of raising you to that height that will allow you to move with your Earth into the New Beautiful Era.

But, most importantly, keep this Divine Light within you. Let him become the torch that will illuminate the path and others.

People will follow you, because intuitively they always gravitated towards Light, and not Darkness.

And may this magnificent procession of free and happy people, connected by a single energy of Love – this life-giving energy of the Creator, which pervades the entire Universe, envelops your Earth, and together with it you will enter a new long-awaited world!

May a miracle happen: the consciousness of all mankind will be reborn and people will find their lost Divinity!

Bless you on this, my dear ones!

The Absolute Father who loves you immeasurably spoke to you

Received March 12, 2018

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