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Father Absolute – A Fusion of Two Worlds (Qualities of the people of modern times). 10/10/2018.

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Father Absolute - A Fusion of Two Worlds (Qualities of the people of modern times). 10/10/2018. START

Hello my dear beloved children!

Today we continue the conversation about new people who are the forerunners of the Fifth Dimension on Earth.

As a rule, they all came to your planet with a specific mission – to help people make the Transition to a new reality.

Unfortunately, not each of them managed to enter the full-fledged Service, because for this it is necessary to have certain qualities that are not only not welcomed in the three-dimensional world, but, on the contrary, rejected or leveled.

So what are these qualities that distinguish new people and so scare the townsfolk?

Firstly, it is independence from the opinions of others.

In childhood, this is often perceived as obstinacy, which adults try to “break” with all their might.

And often they succeed, especially if everything is taken up at once for the child: parents, teachers, grandparents …

The child gets tired of defending his independence and begins to go with the flow, live like everyone else, pouring into a stream of faceless mass, which is so easy to control.

But if he has the courage to persevere and maintain his identity, then he has a chance to find his true destiny – that is why he was born.

Secondly, it is self-respect.

As a rule, in ancient wise souls, self-esteem is innate and manifests itself already from childhood. People always feel it.

Such people do not allow themselves to be pushed around. They know how to keep their distance.

But it is expressed not in coldness or arrogance, which is a manifestation of pride, but in the ability to prevent others from invading their personal space – to poke oneself in the soul, to show familiarity or neglect of oneself.

These people adhere to the golden mean in everything: in friendship, love, in relationships with their parents, children, work colleagues.

Thus, they show respect not only for themselves, but also for others, since any bias in relations causes disharmony, which inflates human passions and gives rise to a whole range of negative emotions.

Thirdly, they are distinguished by a sincere trust that comes from the heart to every person they meet on their way and genuine goodwill.

This is precisely the harbinger of Unconditional Love, of which we have spoken so much.

The eyes of these people radiate such childish purity and such unlimited trust in the world and people who simply disarm others, and, as a rule, no one dares to offend them.

But even if these people are faced with hypocrisy, lies, cynicism, they do not become embittered and do not begin to take revenge, but simply step aside in surprise, trying not to encounter such a person anymore.

To ordinary people, this may seem like weakness and inability to stand up for themselves.

But in fact, this is the great wisdom: not to multiply evil, but to dissolve it with Love.

Fourthly, the deep memory of these people stores the Laws of the Universe, according to which they intuitively live.

These people may not read smart books and never reason on spiritual topics, but eternal Divine knowledge lives in their cellular memory – they are literally “imprinted” in them, and therefore they simply cannot live differently, intuitively feeling the double standards of generally accepted human laws.

This is what is called “living the Soul,” which knows everything and remembers everything.

We will stop here today.

The Absolute Father who loves you immeasurably spoke to you

Received March 9, 2018


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