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Faith Hope Love

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Faith Hope Love

Dear friends!

As you probably know, today is the memory of the saints of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother – Sophia (in Greek – wisdom). We invite you to reflect on the first three virtues, and thereby increase in part in the latter.

Faith Hope Love

Recently, I attended a study in which people were “from the street” offered to talk about what they believed. The result surprised me: almost everyone called themselves Orthodox, but often the wording of their “dogmas” did not at all correspond to the words of the Gospel and the decisions of the Ecumenical Councils.

It was thought that for each of us such thinking can be fruitful. It is always useful to stop and look around, to understand what kind of "coordinate system" I am in. Below are a few questions. You can answer them yourself, and also send to friends and acquaintances.

Partly in compiling them I was inspired by the book by Simon Soloveichik Pedagogics for All. When you read it, it becomes obvious how interesting and useful can be the analysis of frequently used "high" concepts, such as "justice" or "human spirit".

So the questions are:

1. What (in Whom) do I believe? The answer may contain my ideas about the existence of God, His participation in human life now and in the past, the immortality of the soul, the posthumous fate of man. How is this faith expressed in my life? What exactly do I do based on this belief?

2. What (on whom) do I hope, with what (with whom) are my hopes connected in the long-term, eternal perspective?

3. What is love for me? How can I decipher the words "I love you"? In what specific actions for me does the commandment “love your God” and “love your neighbor as yourself” be expressed or may be expressed?

4. If, in the process of answering, you discovered something new about yourself or about God, made practical conclusions, became wisely wiser (and you want to share these discoveries) – write, I will be happy for your responses: [email protected]

The answer does not take much time, and benefits can bring a lot. Try it!

PS If you like answering questions, you can do it regularly. In a special newsletter, my colleague Tatyana Zaitseva each week sends questions for reflection on the Sunday Gospel and several patristic interpretations to it. Subscribe can be in the section of the Gospel groups.

Matvey Berhin
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