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Facing fear. With God

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Facing fear. With God

I have long wanted to write this text, although I am still a little scared to write, but I do it because it is necessary.

If you get cancer. If you are told that the prognosis is bad.

– Let yourself survive the first shock. Allow. This is the right reaction.

– Do not run from the truth, even if examinations later show that the doctors were mistaken, now – do not run.

– Do everything in order to start the follow-up examinations and treatment faster. Your black streak ended at the time of diagnosis! Starting treatment is good news!

– Find doctors you trust. Then do not rush around! Trust! Be on the same team.

– Believe! God, the universe, yourself. Believe it! Cancer is a mystical disease. The tumor responds to treatment in the most incomprehensible way. And you believe. Not a second of doubt.

– Set yourself a goal to live up to some important point. When the bird cherry blossoms, when bullfinches arrive, the daughter goes to school, the son marries, invents the perpetual motion machine. Put it, then move it further.

– Respect honest friends and comrades who tell you “realities” who advise your family to be prepared for the worst. But let it go away. Then discuss. 10 years later. You do not need their rightness now. Clear?! You – believe and go.

– Cancer treatment is work. This is labor. We set ourselves to plow. It will hurt, it will be very shitty. Imagine that you are swinging a press and you just have to endure the last five bends.

– Rejoice. Usually this disease gathers around a huge number of loved ones. Enjoy it.

– Live life as much as possible: read, watch football and movies, take pictures.

– Do not be discouraged when the strength leaves. This is temporary.

– Help others who half a step later came into illness. You need this.

– Rejoice at the deepest and most important experience. You are the chosen one to some extent.

– Know that you have great chances to defeat cancer or prolong life for years, even if it is inoperable. Again, cancer is a mystical disease. You can do it.

Pray for everyone. God is near in this disease. You will see many amazing joyful signs of His undoubted presence and love. Your prayers are valuable to loved ones.

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