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Exclusive interview with Digitall Angell. Part 4

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Exclusive interview with Digitall Angell. Part 4

On October 21 and 22, 2017, a conference of specialists in the field of deep memory and regression was held in Moscow. Digitall Angell (Anton Aksyonov), a famous hypnologist, took part in it. Anton gave an exclusive interview to Denis Ovsyannikov for TV channel Extra (www.TVExtra.ru)

After watching a big interview in 5 parts you can learn about the following topics:

Part 1. Regression and past lives. Methods of reading information. How it all began

Part 2. Mosaic picture of the world. Information from past lives. How it works.

Part 3. Multidimensional consciousness. Energy. Ego.

Part 4. Information in our body. Reality change. Search for experience in the past life.

Part 5. The flow of abundance. Transmission of energy information. Reincarnation. Points of view.

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