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Esther Gerber – The Divine Trinity. 10.25.2018

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Esther Gerber - The Divine Trinity. 10.25.2018

Our Essence, which we have to become.

Self-existing Light / God / creative energy information / self-aware formless Consciousness / … / manifests through the innumerable forms created by Him. The Absolute placed its Spark in them, and, SPIRATED BY HER, we became interconnected Divine creatures. And having endowed the crown of Creation, the man with self-awareness, the Creator made him our Essence. It is all the clarifying Light of Awareness, and we call it the Spirit.
A little compacted, Consciousness / Higher Mind created the Universal Soul and filled it with the vibration of absolute Love. Penetrating into every form, She acquires a unique pattern – a code program that makes any creation unique. Thus, a person becomes the owner of individual energy information with inexhaustible possibilities, which are revealed as consciousness develops – what we are. Therefore, at this level, the motionless Spirit becomes active.

And so that we could embody the fruits of the growth of consciousness in the material world, Light / Consciousness / God, being maximally compacted, created the human body – the pinnacle of everything existing in our reality, the most complex, perfect, harmonious physical system.
But in the distorted consciousness we are cut off from our Higher aspects. And having a common divine core, one and inalienable from a loving Father, we are identified not with our Essence, but with the body and with images of the false “me” generated by the mind. Hence, our own sufferings, and wars and terror, murder and violence, suppression and cruelty … And in order for universal Unity to turn from a mental concept into a happy reality, we need to be reborn in a new consciousness. It means:
– change perception and make it alive: seeing everything as it is, without subjective descriptions and filtering judgments of the mind-ego;
– open your Divine aspects (Soul and Spirit) and
– identify with them to
– to become your Essence – the conscious Spirit / Consciousness in its three indivisible densities – Spirit-Soul-Body.

Psychological comfort or spiritual path?

1. In the surrounding space there are all conceivable and inconceivable energies. You can defend yourself from the negative in various ways, try not to come into resonance with it, especially when communicating with angry and angry people, and if heavy energies still break through the energy field, use a suitable recovery method. Directions, Schools and those who share their accumulated experience, generously offer different techniques. They work, help and thank them for it.

But one can open oneself of the True One, and in its Essence, silence and peace will become the background of life, and external influences will be powerless before the Spirit. But this is not self-regulation, but the spiritual path – the development of self-awareness and self-realization.
This movement is inward when the outwardly directed energy changes its vector and is directed to the spiritual center. The mind goes silent. And in the absence of judgments and assessments, the brain, as recorded by scientists, begins to function differently, and unconscious emotional reactions are not included. Therefore, calm becomes natural and sustainable. And in the rooting of consciousness in its Essence, it is made unshakable.

2. Not knowing the Real, and not realizing our perfection, we hold onto our shortcomings. Therefore, psychologists and many spiritual leaders strive us to develop positive qualities and acceptance / overcoming / dissolving weaknesses. It becomes easier and more comfortable. But this does not affect the deep cause of negative traits, not to mention that it strengthens the position of the “I” as an active activist. Cultivating, for example, generosity, kindness, unselfishness, compassion, responsibility, a sense of duty, etc., it should be noted that even the most remarkable features are peculiar only to individuals. The Divine Soul is perfect from the beginning. She knows herself, radiates absolute Love, and the only thing she aspires to is God. And what should be corrected or developed by the Spirit – the pure consciousness? In Atman / True I do not have anyone who possesses any qualities. And the improvement of the personality, leaving it within it, comes at the expense of new, albeit positive, but images of “I.” And this is not a spiritual ascent: the mind-ego continues to dominate in behavior and reactions, identification with thoughts and emotions continues, and the emerged psychological emancipation, reassuring and lulling, does not contribute to self-deepening, awareness, change of self-identification and penetration of the Present.

Even if the goal is to simply overcome certain complexes and weaknesses, it is important to consider that by becoming, for example, more confident or calmer, the mind will catch on to the new image of the “I”, which now needs to be matched. And this can lead to a distrust of oneself (and can I be so in difficult situations?), A feeling of guilt when you roll back or break down, an increase in pride (I am now such!) – in any strengthening of a separate "I."

While there is no connection with his Higher aspects, a person feels imperfect, and therefore dissatisfied and subject to internal conflicts.
Imagine a faithful, faithful spouse, an exemplary family man, a loving father, into whose life unexpectedly unexpectedly burst into such a huge, divided love that two without each other cannot breathe.

Or put yourself in the place of a single mother, who has one light in the window – her child. And he is seriously ill. And either he will die, or this one, with an impeccable reputation, an honest, devoted woman, will earn money for an expensive operation by unrighteousness.

With which way a person is more identified, in the moral and ethical framework he cram the situation, and the mind, according to its mental frequency, leads it to a decision. And then he gives birth to pain, regret, resentment towards life or feeling like a victim of circumstances.

Thus, the Spirit calls to go beyond the boundaries of the personality with its beliefs and dogmas, and to the dissolution of the images of the false "I" leading to suffering.


Eternal, unchanging, incomprehensible. Life source. Pure Consciousness / Alpha and Omega, from which everything emanates, everything is realized and the result is predetermined. Being the Essence of everything, He does not express himself in any way, has no qualities, does not dictate moral precepts. This is the experience of infinity, in which complete freedom is surprisingly combined with the impossibility of permissiveness. It cannot even be called responsibility for one’s actions (there is no one in the Spirit who would be responsible for something). But the Atman is so full of the whole being with unshakable loyalty to God, that it is she who, as a beacon, pushes in all situations to the appropriate decisions.

And in order to open the Spirit in yourself, you do not have to do anything: He is in the Spark of Light given to us, at the point of the I Am Presence. And when consciousness finds itself in this depth as Existence, it awakens. And the mental faith that we are a spiritual Essence is transformed into a sense of oneself by the Spirit.

If at the same time the feeling of unconditional Love is overwhelming, I want to embrace everyone, take care, share tenderness, and the feeling of happiness overwhelms the whole being, this is not “THAT”: “what can be observed is not True.”

And when everything calms down, there is boundless pure space. This is consciousness. It includes everything around us, and we become the very reality. The world of the hostile and incomprehensible is made a place where everything just happens. Consciousness is silent, not involved in anything, does not explain anything, but it illuminates everything with clarity. The mind without the "I" begins to look at everything through consciousness – through the I Am Presence, and loses its claims to authorship. The Spirit through the Soul at each moment manifests itself in a new way – spontaneously and unpredictably. Inward-directed attention concentrates on sensations, and everything familiar becomes updated and interesting. Inexpressible Lightness appears.

But if finding such states, the desire for calm and awareness is the goal of the seeker, the Spirit will not open. He does not need to receive benefits. The Atman is the I that simply Is, and which connects us to the Absolute. And He, as recently proved with the language of formulas, the Bashkir chemist, Professor Najip Valitov, is not only the Creator, the Higher Mind, uniting everything and everyone into the Whole, but also the All-Seeing and All-Hearing Power, knowing every thought of the creatures He created. Therefore, contact – He responds to sincerity and essential requests.


Here, the Spirit is condensed a bit to gradually go into matter, and the Soul becomes the space of unification of the two main opposites – Spirit and matter, Divine and individual.

The soul is the Spirit, which in such density acquires the ability to actively manifest itself. How?

1. Spirit-Soul, or Entity, through the brain transmits the impulses to the consciousness of the cells of cells, and the body-mind is included in the activity.

2. As the false “I” is freed from the veil, the Spirit-Soul activates the senses of the higher astral – kindness, cordiality, responsibility … what we tried to develop, not always aware of our desire to be known as good, spiritual, white-fluffy, deserving love. And in I-Is, they naturally express themselves in the manner required by the present moment without the desire to be “such” in order to conform to any image of “I”.

3. On the vibration of the Soul, any communication changes drastically. If usually we are not in contact with the creature itself, but with our own idea of ​​it and attitude towards it, then now Soul touches its own inexhaustible, disinterested Love to any creature. And any Entity responds to this. And since there is no “I” here that needs to be described and explained by the known in order to understand what is happening, some new facets are revealed in the Soul. And we experience this unity as a quiet happiness from the recognition of something in common, dear and kind.

4. And if there is a need to understand something or someone, thanks to the Spirit, which is the same for all, the Soul moves forward a little and a conscious identification with it takes place. At the same time, we are not in the center of a situation where the mind usually involves us with its interpretations, but in its depth, and remain conscious. Then, instead of thoughts, evaluations and judgments, the meaning of what happened happened is revealed as living knowledge … such is the manifestation of God.

5. Consciousness of the Soul, connecting duality (not only Spirit and matter, Divine and individual), as clearly manifested anywhere in art.
There are many interesting works with non-trivial thoughts and ideas, a masterful description of feelings and moods, a vivid depiction of rebellious passions. But where the Essence itself creates, in which the opposites are one and complement each other, everything is subordinated to the Supreme meaning, inspired by Divine Beauty and Love and passing through the centuries causes unforgettable trembling in the Hearts.
Recall the indivisibility of the manifest and the unmanifested in Leonardo da Vinci, the continuity of life and death in Michelangelo, the greatness of the spirit and human weakness in Shakespeare, the fate of good and evil in Beethoven, the refined feelings and low desires of Dostoevsky, the spirituality and despair in psychological ballets of despair and despair in psychological ballets of despair and despair in Dostoevsky
Creations of geniuses, open Love and Wisdom of God, like nothing else, make you look into yourself, into your own Soul.

6. The energy-informational pattern of the Soul encodes our goals and objectives, abilities and talents, vocation, mission and mission. And they are all interconnected. Moreover, the Soul, unlike the person, everything is directed towards God.

Vocation is a matter in which the uniqueness of the Soul is revealed – the abilities and talents presented by God. And She, turning these diamonds into diamonds, gladly gives them to people and returns them to the Creator.

Destination is the discovery of the Soul and the dedication of our calling to what God intended for us – Love, Development and Creation. Then what man makes on this Path is spiritualized by the Creator, and it touches the Hearts and Mind of people.

Mission – To be. In the Spirit. In the light. To realize oneself by consciousness, to identify with it, and, as far as possible, to help others in this. This is the highest realization, the absolute orientation of the vocation and predestination to the embodiment of the Will of the Most High. This and stay on Earth as gratitude to the Creator for the opportunity to live and love, shine and create.

If such people become Warriors of Light, defending Him from hostile forces, they are provided with a powerful Force and are especially supported by God.


And everything happens and is carried out in the Body. Although this wonderful, most complex creation of the Creator has been studied from time immemorial, its unlimited Cosmic potentials have not yet been revealed. They are waiting for the Enlightened esotericists and scientists to jointly explore it as the most condensed Spirit, as the consciousness of systems, organs and cells.
Perhaps it will be a printout of the code of a person and treatment with a suitable combination of digit-sounds-colors. And the transformation of the matter of the body while enhancing the frequency of Light in it is the path begun by Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa. And while the untapped possibilities of the immortal Spirit, which can lead humanity to a full-fledged eternal Life while providing itself with everything necessary (the work of G. Grabovoy). And if the prospects for the resurrection of the dead (N. Valitov's discoveries) are theoretically justified, then probably the practical key to this is the new interaction of awakened individual consciousnesses with God.

Therefore, it is so important for Progress that as many people as possible open themselves as Spirit in three guises, identify with Consciousness, and do not interfere with the Divine create through us.

Esther Gerber, October 25, 2018

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