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Esther Gerber – Delusions on the Road to a New Consciousness. Part 2

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Esther Gerber - Delusions on the Road to a New Consciousness. Part 2 Part 1

Rejection and illusions associated with Acceptance.

1 – Rejection of oneself.
To check how much you accept people and everything around you, note what your attention is focused on in communication, reading, listening, etc. Usually it first notes the flaws. And this is not harmful and not a bad character. This voice is the deepest, most vulnerable, and therefore always protected point of personality – self-esteem. All our reactions are connected with it. She emphasizes the negative of others, so that against his background to rise and feel better than others. When they criticize her, she falls, and we experience irritation, resentment, anger, etc. In failure, she seeks to find someone to blame. In an atmosphere where she is respected, she is calm and comforts herself with dignity. And the successes and good fortunes that a person ascribes to himself, we don’t have any other source of actions in our minds, inflate it to pride, which dooms inevitable failures. Behind the morbidity of self-esteem lies a misconception about one’s own imperfection, and, as a consequence, FAILURE TO SELF. Hence the resentment, and the heightened guilt. And the desire to emphasize their merits or achievements. And the desire for Awakening and Enlightenment, which often hides the unconscious hope of becoming better.
But self-acceptance does not occur in an artificial upsurge of self-esteem, but with the discovery of the Self-Real. And precisely because we do not become more perfect in it, but become different – None. And the mind cannot explain how It, formless, inactive, not involved in anything, not having any qualities and features, not declaring itself in any way, gives a feeling of fullness and absoluteness, calmness and satisfaction, self-sufficiency and goodness.

In the meantime, free your consciousness from the idea of ​​your own imperfection. And you will begin to see first of all in people their uniqueness. You do not want to judge anyone, compare yourself with someone, and you will become generous in expressing good feelings.

2 – Rejection of the World.
Knowing that the external is equal to the internal, it is natural that the rejection of oneself leads to the rejection of the World and internal conflict with Him. And in the naive desire for security, the person is closed from reality. She is separated by an invisible cocoon, in which a false image of herself is strengthened, with his fear of making mistakes and being ridiculed / criticized / rejected by others, lose their respect and become unworthy of Love. The love by which everyone yearns, and, knowing that they carry Her Source within themselves, they seek and seek outside of themselves. Is this not a paradoxical error?
And the World through circumstances, problems, good luck and failure reflects to everyone his attitude to Him. And if He is perceived as dangerous, unpredictable and cruel, Consciousness will carry it out. What for? So, tired of suffering, we, in search of an answer, delve into ourselves and realize that we are afraid of reality, resisting what has already been accomplished, tormented, opening the way for illnesses and failures, only a small illusory “I”. Why let falsity ruin your life?

3 – Attitude to their difficulties and to the negativity around.
And what is the error that in the sorrows and difficulties that are inevitable in life, we must courageously remain white and fluffy, since this is Acceptance. And our Essence does not need to follow the far-fetched image of a steadfast spiritual person, but to liberate and purify from the heavy negative energies that, when they are suppressed, settle in the energy field, and, like magnetic nails, pull on themselves a similar negative.
But how can a spiritual seeker, refined and empathizing, without condemnation accept aggression, violence, corruption, fratricide and all the negativity that the world is full of? But no one insists that this should be liked.

4 – What is Acceptance, and what prevents it.
Acceptance is an attitude towards everything without explanation and evaluation.
I don’t know what is right, what is wrong, whether it is good or it will turn out to be bad, but I know that everything happens according to the Higher Laws and Meanings, and it cannot be otherwise. This is the Will of the Creator, and I certainly believe Him.
Bring it to consciousness.

And it becomes calmer, and there are no more convictions. “And if you do not judge anyone, this trait will cease to manifest itself in the outside world,” says the Enlightened sage Mooji.
Acceptance requires overcoming blind reactions of a person, their linear thinking, leads for their opinions, ideas about how everything should be … All delusions cannot be listed. The main thing is not to fall into illusion and not ascribe to yourself the Acceptance, if it is not there yet.

Everything is just there.

The belief that I am the author of everything that happens to me is firmly rooted in our minds. And in identifying with this idea, we believe in the existence of free will, which allows a person to choose his life path, we are convinced of the insuperability of karma, or, conversely, that it can be canceled by decrees. These beliefs just reflect the falsity of ascribing to ourselves that which we are not able to carry out.

Ask for freedom of choice from an innocent convict, from a woman who has been treated for infertility for years, from a mother mourning a deceased child, from a thousand unhappy people.

Not to mention that, according to the Law of Resonance, what we sent back to space returns to us, we live what the Soul planned in the inter-incarnation period for our growth and Awakening. She was given freedom of choice. And we will have to circle samsara in the Wheel, if we do not free ourselves from darkness and return to the True One – to Light, Awareness and unconditional Love.

Therefore, karma, indeed, can be overcome, but not by decree and not by good intentions. Could it be with a person living in I-Is / in the Spirit, and knowing himself with Consciousness? There are no longer the tasks outlined by the Soul, there is unity with the Creator and His reverence in any creation. This is a new, transformed consciousness, altered perceptions and reactions to everything, a different attitude to oneself, to people, to what is happening and to the World.

But for this, it is necessary to reject the error of one’s authorship and accept as a postulate what the Enlightened Teachers of humanity say: “I” / mind-ego is not an agent, but God / Spirit / Consciousness is the only Power in the Universe.

This Totality does nothing, does not control anything, but everything – thoughts, emotions and feelings, sorrows and joys, meetings and partings, people, circumstances and phenomena – everything without exception arises and takes place in Her space. This Consciousness / God is both a structure and a function, the author and director of a great Game called Life. And carrying His particle within us, and therefore also being consciousness, we are one with our Creator. And our words, emotions and feelings, actions and their results, all personal experience – everything, everything comes from this Source.

The elusive, formless Consciousness manifests itself through a myriad of forms, and makes a person his instrument. What must he be in order to become worthy of his Creator !? Pure and renewed consciousness, returning to the original One Who He Is – the True Self.

If you give the place of the leader to Consciousness, sooner or later the I-Is opens, and the Presence of God is realized in every movement, in any act, feeling and impulse. It’s just a feeling that He is in me. Like breathing, like speaking, listening, seeing, awareness. Like the fact that the legs walk, and the hands do something. Like the growth and development of all living things.

It is impossible to know this Force: It has neither qualities nor characteristics. To some extent, we are approaching Her at the peak of inspiration in creativity, at the peak of love. But there is no “I”. There is only the Creator.

Is anyone capable of loving us with such Love as He is? Who shapes situations, who leads on a life path? Who helps to realize something, to survive in difficulties, to forge inner strength and patience? Who gives joy and inspiration? Everything is overcome in trust in God.

But we are changing masters, in whom we are later disappointed, looking for special theological schools and super-methods, for some reason we are going to distant lands, and at the same time we know that the Creator is this incomprehensible Force, a loving Father, the wisest mentor and guru we carry in ourselves. Is this not a paradox?

Who is this seeker, if not the ego? And until we realize that this false idea, in fear of its destruction, leads away from the Spirit / True Self, and contrasts us with That-What-Is with our concepts, we will identify with it, empower it, make it a judge and authority and go with it on occasion. Is this not a super delusion?

To overcome it, you don’t have to fight it, it’s pointless. And, knowing where everything is born, it simply needs to be dissolved in its depth – in the Source. The Almighty Source – Consciousness, the Divine Spark, which is our poison.

We bring into consciousness: Everything that happens is / God / Spirit / Consciousness / superintelligent Power / Totality. Or One Being, or Self-aware Life. And I, Her holographic particle, is equal to this Whole.

I am the Trinity:
– THE PROCESS OF AWARENESS in the space of the conductor – The body.
– A unique Soul, developing its own uniqueness in the material realizer – the Body.
– An instrument of the Spirit, through the Body, embodying His Will in the physical World.

Transition to a new consciousness.

Usually it happens gradually: our entire system, and above all the brain, takes time to rebuild. Initially, it is the curbing of the ego-mind, which in reasoning is labeled between the fear of the future, its interpretation of the past and interpretations of the present, thus strengthening the image of oneself, its significance, imaginary strength and authorship.

Changes begin when we look, listen, speak from our depths, and without evaluations and explanations we observe what is happening at the moment.

Then the attention goes to WHAT sees, hears, does in me. The observer, who is still some kind of “I,” is replaced by an awareness of the process of seeing, speaking, doing, and in a marvelous peace that was not even dreamed of, it is not thoughts about what is happening, but his awareness.

Causes and effects are seen at one point. The negative opens up as an expression of Meanings inaccessible to the mind. Nothing is rejected, not interpreted, and therefore there are no emotional reactions. Outside of judgments and points of view, there is no categoricity, and everything new, if it causes a resonance, is gladly accepted. The ugly is intertwined with the amazing, the joyful with the tragic, and everything is seen as one. And Consciousness realizes that everything happens in Consciousness.

Obviously, in the subtle spheres, at the level of the Spirit, we are all equal, at the level of the Soul – we are all beautiful and unique, but as individuals, each is at its own point of development in the unlimited, multi-level space of Consciousness. And human vices, cruelty, hatred, violence, etc. perceived as a manifestation of a godly, distorted consciousness, absorbed in false concepts. The mind, without interpreting anything, ceases to consider itself an agent and becomes an invaluable tool. Calmness, humility and quiet joy merge together.

Consciousness awakens when all that is visible arises in awareness. There is no “I” in it, there are no thoughts and ideas, there are no impressions and attitudes to something (the mind gives birth to them), there is no thing that can be described. It is silent. It is just like the present moment. And there is a CLARITY of what is happening.

And here it is important not to fall into another illusion: as long as there is a separation between the I and the perceived (for example, I and the other, I and the Life, I and the Creator), this is not Who I Am.

But if you follow not the selfish desire of Enlightenment to get something, but the essential desire for knowledge, and vigilantly pay attention to the One who is aware of the process of seeing, listening, speaking, awareness itself, that is, consciousness (as enlightened Teachers advise), at some point, a vibratory take-off occurs. And consciousness begins to perceive itself as the Presence of the Spirit, which without ideas about itself, without any principles, without explanations and descriptions, without expressing itself in any way, simply exists. Like a gift from God. As an opportunity to realize any action, condition and everything that happens. As a subjective perceiver, as an author, something is no longer there: it disappeared in the Source itself. And there is That-What-Is and exists by itself – people, nature, the World … This is pure Being. Invariance. The desired "TO". Source. Transcendental Nothing and Everything.

In direct perception from the Spirit / Self-Presence, the Soul opens up, creates and expresses its Divine uniqueness ever brighter. In a gradually transforming body, human life is able to extend, up to immortality. And the manifestation of oneself in the conscious Trinity of Spirit-Soul-Body is the new consciousness in which One Who I Am flourishes.

Esther Gerber, July 27, 2018

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