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Emmanuel Daguer – THE HEALING OF THE CENTURY. Energy forecast for NOVEMBER 2018

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Emmanuel Daguer - THE HEALING OF THE CENTURY. Energy forecast for NOVEMBER 2018

Posted on October 31, 2018

A friend of mine,

Thank you for meeting me this way again. I feel your presence and for me it is a great honor.

When we compare with ourselves at the soul level, some of our part is already precisely aware of what will be revealed to us in this energy forecast.

For some time, these predictions have revealed to us how the Divine Feminine is poured into the heart and mind of every living, breathing thing in existence.

Our mind would prefer to think that this happens only on our planet, because it affects us most directly. However, our Spirit knows that the rebirth of the Divine Feminine affects all facets of existence.


One of the most important roles of the Divine Feminine in the third dimension is the healing and alchemization of the aspect of masculinity, which has long forgotten its divinity.

For eons of time in our three-dimensional reality, mankind was influenced primarily by the aspect of the masculine energy separated from its divine source.

This is the aspect of masculine energy, representing the illusions of fear and survival, and remains in its former state.

It is obvious that this aspect of the masculine energy, long forgotten about its divinity, is now trying hard, trying its best to keep the controlling hold on humanity.

This can be easily seen in many branches of religious organizations and sects, governments and corporations that rely heavily on the use of fear to advance their agenda.

It is thanks to the Divine Feminine that this forgotten divine aspect of the masculine energy will be healed and will return to its models of pure perfection.

It is thanks to the Divine Feminine that Divine Masculinity will return to our life of the third dimension.

Divine Feminine represents Divine Love.

Divine Masculinity represents Divine Action.

Divine Love is the most powerful energy in all existence. This is where everything comes from. It is the sacred heart and womb from which everything is born.

Divine Love is not a known judgment. She knows only integrity and completeness.

Divine Love is manifested, it is compassion.

For eons of time, mankind was convinced (through the teachings of that aspect of masculine energy, which was freed from all ties with its divinity) that the source of all existence was man – powerful masculine energy, living somewhere in heaven,

This type of conditioning was excellent for feeding fear and survival-based models that forced humanity to surrender its power to a select few.

But now something amazing is happening.

The bubble of fear of mankind has cracked, and the collective mind (although it has a little demolished the tower) is now capable of eagerly absorbing the life-giving Divine Love of the Divine Feminine.

This allows a part of the masculine energy, which ignored its divinity, to be healed and remember its divinity again in all of humanity.

Many who have been immersed in fear and survival patterns have a learning curve, as they adapt to a new way of being that fits their I AM presence / Spiritual “I” – their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects.

It is important for us to provide those who find it difficult to overcome their old fears and models of survival, the space for integration and healing.

When fear no longer has the power over the consciousness of humanity, freedom comes.

We can promote the healing of masculinity in order to break free from its outdated paradigms.

We can do this by deciding to be a compassionate presence for ourselves and for humanity as a whole, since we all adapt to changes that lead us out of old fear-based models.

Compassion is the ability to observe the resistance of humanity to change without condemnation or attempts to correct or save this state of affairs.

From a position of compassion, we can embody and express unconditional love for ourselves and humanity.

When we and humanity receive deep and life-giving love through compassion, we see that the collective mind and our own minds are much less resistant to the healing and transformation that is happening now in our world.

Through compassion, we can support the Divine Feminine in Her healing the masculine energy, which has abandoned the beautiful divinity of which it is part.


In November, we will see, more than ever, the old deep-rooted models of survival that we discover, thus raising it to the surface in order to pay attention to and resolve it.

This will allow us to understand whether we want to continue repeating these models of survival, or whether we are now ready to move towards complete freedom from the past — freedom from the illusions of limitation and fear that we once created for ourselves.

One of the most effective ways to start moving towards complete freedom is to explore all the thoughts / fear-based thoughts that our mind has about ourselves, others and life in general.

Let's look at a few thoughts that the mind can sometimes throw at us:

“It seems to me that I have a complete collapse with money. I always do not have enough.

Perhaps at some point in your life you had a similar thought – like many.

If and when you have a thought like this, ask your mind the following:

“Is it absolutely 100% universal truth that I never have enough money or that I never manage to manage money positively? Even if it were absolutely true, I wish everything would be the same? ”

Answer simply “Yes” or “No”.

If your answer was “Yes,” you might consider the following:

Is it possible that you observed a sense of poverty in your family while you were growing up, and unconsciously decided that the feeling of helplessness regarding finances is how adults function in the world?

It is possible that even if you inherit the consciousness of poverty, you can still feel an abundance at times. You can also have a strong inner desire to succeed in life.

And is there even the tiniest chance that your sense of collapse associated with money is just something your mind created to act in relation to finances, as your parents did?

At the same time, you can safely be part of your family, doing this and believing in what they did and what they believe, because every child wants to do so in order to feel that they love and accept him.

If you answered “Yes” to this, it can be a deep insight for you.

Because when we realize that every experience in our life is the result of our choice of a given experience at the divided level, whether it is a conscious choice or not, we no longer need to keep the victim / survival patterns as our truth.

Because we understand that our position regarding money has never been so hopeless. Rather, we needed to create strong ties with the family so that we grow up without feeling lonely in this world.

As soon as we understand this, we can forgive ourselves for what, in our opinion, are our shortcomings.

Then we begin to regain our power for ourselves, and we again become the conscious Creator of our life.

Let's consider another thought that could take root deeply in our mind:

“I would like to find a new life partner – with whom I truly resonate, who will offer me strong friendship, love and support. But only I do not think that he (a) here. So I stopped searching. ”

If you ever had a similar thought, ask yourself:

“I know this is absolute truth? Is it true that if someone does not have a suitable partner now, they will never find them? Or perhaps there are people who have met a wonderful partner at different times in their lives, sometimes without even waiting for it? ”

See what suits you. This first thought may have arisen on the basis of what you saw in the films: that only young people with a certain appearance or higher income level find love. Or it may be a belief based on your past experience or on others, although our past does not determine our future.

Or perhaps there is a belief in your family or community that “if someone does not create a family before the age of 30, he will never do it”.

All this made you believe that a loving partnership has eluded you, and that you can also give up.

But each area of ​​our life responds strongly to how we relate to this: what we consider true or possible.

Your chance to meet someone suitable for you increases due to your openness to meet someone wonderful, as well as the fact that you can offer a lot to a new partner.

It is much more powerful than what you have learned about relationships.

When we perceive any good thing in life with low expectations and distrust, believing the worst and not the best, we separate ourselves from it.

When we consider the conviction that says: “I would like to find a new partner for life – with whom I really resonate. But I just do not think that he (a) is here, so I stopped looking (a), ”we can clearly see that this judgment is based on fear.

As a result of this judgment and self-defense, we not only blocked our new opportunities to meet someone.

We also showed disrespect for the energy of love in general and of what it can be in our life, both in romantic terms and in others.

You can see that when we begin to question our thoughts, we open our minds, so that we can open up to higher states of consciousness and, ultimately, to complete freedom to be our higher selves.

You may have some resistance to what you have just read, or you feel some guilt or regret over the judgments and beliefs that have been held in the past. Know that these ideas were formed when we all did everything in our power, based on what we knew then.

In the past, our mind simply decided to act in survival mode, which again suggests that it decided to make defense its main task.

But what if he no longer needs to use patterns of separation and fear to protect himself?

What if the mind finally remembers that our Spirit protected us all the time, even when we thought it was wrong?

Does this not free us a place to try something new that will help us expand into higher states of life, awareness and being?

It has become very convenient for the mind to identify with survival models, and therefore, when celestial insights occur in our personal and planetary consciousness, the mind experiences great discomfort.

The only thing we need to do when it happens is to be a compassionate presence for the mind, as it sets up and moves out of the old models. To do this, we should just observe the resistance of the mind, not trying to correct it, change it, or help it.

Just watch and send love – and the mind will no longer feel that it needs to resist the ongoing shifts.

Then the mind can relax when its time comes, in our warmth and compassion, like a child feeling safe in the loving hands of his parent or guardian.

What happens when we gain freedom?

When we are free, we choose joy and happiness without a reason.

We overcome fear.

We live a full life.

We have no need to blame others.

We take full responsibility to be the Creator of our own life.

We are kind, loving and compassionate.

We express ourselves authentically and sincerely.

We are trying new things, expanding beyond our comfort zone.

We feel a strong connection with our Spirit and intuition.

We open to receive ALL of our blessings.

We are abundant and generous.

We let go of competition and behavior based on lack.

We are healthy and energetic.

And much more!


On November 11, 2018, we will pass through an important and powerful portal of healing, known as the 11:11 portal.

This year will be especially powerful because it corresponds to the number 11 (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11).

So, attunement comes down to 11:11:11!

This special 11:11 portal will celebrate a multi-million dollar family pointing to cosmic-oriented souls around the world. They will meet through synchronized meditations and celebrations that unite hearts.

This will greatly enhance the healing effects of the 11:11 portal for humanity.

This particular portal of healing will allow the Divine Woman to heal aspects of the masculine energy that has forgotten its divinity. She will go deep into the heart and psyche of masculinity and bring all the life-giving love and light into it, including those parts that were rarely touched.

The Divine Feminine will warm all of humanity with its love. She will alchemize rigid and fixed thoughts and behavior in manifestations of lightness, fluidity, peace, love, openness and flexibility.

She will also remind us that with her we are the source of our abundance, and since we are grateful for all our blessings, she will shower us with endless new blessings.

We will also notice that it has become easier, and therefore we can focus more on the energies of fun, play, joy, and creativity.

Below is the process of opening the heart, which will help us to connect and fully open the portal of healing 11:11:11.

This can be done during the day of November 11 at any time.

However, if you want to make it special, set the alarm in your local time to 1:11, 11:11, 13:11, or 23:11 and try the process at that time.


Step 1: Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths.

Step 2: Smile with your right eye only (eyes are still closed). Hold for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Smile with your left eye only (eyes are still closed). Hold for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Imagine how it would feel if your third eye smiled (the space between the eyebrows). Hold this sensation for 10 seconds.

Step 5: Move the smile from the third eye to the mouth and cheeks (the usual wide smile). Hold this smile for 10 seconds.

Step 6: Move the smile from the face down into your heart. Imagine how you would feel if your heart smiled broadly.

I like to present my heart as a cartoon character with a pretty happy face, small legs and arms, in a top hat and dancing for me tap dance.

The secret is to use an image that makes you feel happy and brings you joy. Imagine that your heart is smiling and preparing for this show for you for at least 10 seconds.

Step 7. Say out loud: “I am fully open for a light and graceful reception and giving of unconditional love now. And so it is! ”

Step 8: Clearly state at least 5 things you would like to create in your life more, and voice the Universe (say out loud).

Step 9: Thank yourself and the Universe for opening up to all the new blessings that have saved your life.

Step 10: Open your eyes and observe in the coming days, weeks, and months the new blessings that come into your life.

And it's all!

May November bless you and your loved ones in the most caring and supportive ways.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


Translation Isa, for the site OMAR TA SATT

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