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Emmanuel Daguer – Energy Forecast for JANUARY 2019. The Year of Joy is a special 10th anniversary in January 2019.

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Emmanuel Daguer - Energy Forecast for JANUARY 2019. The Year of Joy is a special 10th anniversary in January 2019.

Published January 2, 2019

My beautiful friend

It is a great honor for me to connect in this way with your sacred presence again. I am pleased to tell you what awaits us in 2019.

Before we begin, I humbly and gratefully announce that this year marks the 10th anniversary of these energy forecasts!

Have you been on this journey with me since day one or have recently met these predictions … from the very depth of my heart, thank you.

Thanks to your kindness, feedback, messages, love, support and friendship, these predictions continued.

These energy predictions were actually inspired by sleep.

At the end of 2008, I had an interesting dream, which, looking back, I see one of the reasons for the emergence of these forecasts.

In the dream I was sitting in a quiet cafe, it seems, in the south of France, because I heard people speak French.

Sitting in the courtyard and sipping chamomile tea, I enjoyed the picturesque view that surrounded me when an elderly wise woman sat down at my table for two.

She looked about 90 years old, but her eyes were crystal clear, and she herself was full of vibrant youthful energy.

She talked a little about how much she loves music, dancing and singing, and even got up and started to dance a little, whirling and insisting that I join her.

After a seemingly pleasant time with dancing and laughing, she abruptly became serious and whispered in my ear:

“The old world of fear and separation quickly disintegrates, and a new world of Unity and Love appears.

As long as this happens, there will be many who support the program of fear and chaos, so that everything remains the same – in fact, that everything remains unbalanced.

There will also be a lot of new people disguised as spiritual teachers and mentors, but with personal goals.

What to look for: Do these teachers and guides cover everything in their worldview? Is their behavior kind, compassionate, easy and flexible?

Does it expand what they are sharing? Does it empower and heal?

True spirituality is all-encompassing. Moreover, it is very simple. If it seems complicated and difficult, it usually comes from a story created by the mind, and not from our Spirit. ”

Whispering all this in my ear, she began to dance again, giggled and hugged me. Then I woke up.

When I have such vivid dreams, I usually write them down to return in the future.

I immediately wrote down everything I experienced in my dream, so as not to forget anything, when I finally wake up and start my day.

Usually I don’t think so much about dreams, but this one continued to stand apart for me. I pondered and meditated on him for the next few weeks.

After several weeks of thinking, I began to receive an inner message: “Pay attention.”

I recorded this message and made it my mantra for the next few weeks.

When I repeated “Attention” during each day, I began to notice that large synchronicities occur around me.

I began to clearly see the rising themes of my friends, family, colleagues, and clients who reflected each other.

It was as if the invisible thread connecting us all became very clear and visible.

My mother always tells me: “If you get / see / hear something three times, whether it is messages, opportunities, experience, this is often the feedback that we want to consider in this situation more closely. This is also a kind of confirmation. ”

However, while I continued to assert: “Pay attention,” the confirmations appeared much more often than usual.

After long reflections, meditation and deep inner peace, I discovered how we are all interconnected.

The concept of Oneness, which we often read about in spiritual books, was no longer a concept.

It has become a real and tangible reality.

Now the dots are connected, and I saw that we are all One Family!

It has become very clear: when one of us experiences something, it often means that we all encounter something similar.

Thanks to this new awareness – and the desire to create something that helps bring us all together, letting us know that we are not alone in this journey, called Life – these energy predictions have appeared.

With all my heart I thank you for reflecting so brightly into the world Love and beauty.

With each new forecast, the understanding that we are all connected is increasingly entrenched with me – thanks to you and your wonderful reviews.

Congratulations to us on the 10th anniversary, and I wish us to celebrate many more years of expansion, Love and Unity together!

And now let's move on to the forecast itself …

Year of joy

The 2019th year, representing the number 3, will be the year when our Spirit with love pushes us to make our long-term joy and realization the highest priority in our lives once and for all.

If you are reading this prediction, you may already know that you are an empath.

Most empatists tend to let other people's needs eclipse their own.

This year will help those of us who are still inclined to sacrifice our joy for the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of others.

He will help us to cleanse ourselves of these old patterns of neglecting ourselves so that we can open up to receive full joy and satisfaction.

It will be the year when we understand what exactly helps us to create real joy.

When we decide to figure out how to tune in to joy, we are often offered an inventory of everything that we allow to destroy our joy.

The first part of this year will be a great time for this, so that we can heal and leave in the past all that allowed us to distract from the creation of real joy.

Healing begins when we allow ourselves to recognize all our emotions, treat them with respect and feel them.

Our emotions are like our children who just want our attention and love.

Instead of hiding, blaming or sweeping aside our emotions, we can allow ourselves to feel them so that they are authentic for those who we are.

When we do this, we get rid of the sense of shame and pressure we exert on ourselves in order not to feel or not to experience them.

By getting rid of this pressure, we give our emotions the opportunity to heal. This creates space for the full realization of true joy and peace.

Just as we have the opportunity to offer this healing to ourselves, we can offer it to other people, simply by letting go of the need to blame, judge, and have personal expectations about how, in our opinion, they should live.

The state of our personal life (if very often we do not feel joy) and the state of humanity now is just an indication that we all ask for more Love and compassion.

First we offer this Love and compassion to all aspects of ourselves – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Afterwards, we offer compassion to those who are not able to offer it to us, so that they can learn to offer compassion to themselves and others. This creates a domino effect.

Only we ourselves are responsible for our personal joy and well-being. Knowing this and realizing that our true joy can only come from within ourselves, we can gain strength.

This year will provide us with many opportunities to awaken lasting joy in a way that we may not have allowed ourselves to do before!

All that is required of us is to allow ourselves to feel all our emotions, and also to notice the opportunities that open up before us and to pay attention to them.

Since 2019 is the Year of Joy, now we have a huge amount of additional lightness, ease, peace, creativity, laughter, beauty, community, clarity and magic.

Receiving and experiencing more of these qualities will provide us with substantial assistance in putting ourselves and your well-being in the first place in your life.

Wake up from sleep

By the beginning of 2019, many of us will feel awakened from sleep.

There will be a feeling that we are ourselves more than ever before.

The year 2018 was very difficult, perhaps one of the most difficult years for many, although it was also one of the most spiritually expanding years we encountered in our lives.

Many human worlds have been turned upside down. And yet everything that happened brought us back to being the purest, most authentic version of ourselves.

Those who were engaged in internal work, will feel the year 2019 as a welcome relief.

Of course, there are always intensive cycles in every year.

Nevertheless, the year 2019 will bring a new sensation of cheerfulness and optimism that will help us to feel back and feel better than ever before.

In the center of attention – you

The world we see around us is simply a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

Those who decide to break free from the model of pushing other people's needs in front of their own will see that the world around them reflects this decision.

When we completely take care of ourselves and love ourselves, the world around us will manifest accordingly. When we first do something for ourselves, then our life naturally expands to support us in this.

When others enter into the presence of someone who makes themselves a top priority in their lives, this can be felt instantly. There is nothing more attractive than one who loves himself, and we are not talking about love, which comes only from the space of egoism.

When someone loves himself and makes himself his top priority, he no longer needs anything outside of himself.

These people are no longer desperate and do not cling to people, places, experiences and results to behave in a certain way.

Because of this, other people are drawn to them, wanting to support, help and be with someone who acts in this way.

Continuing this year to expand into a deep and caring love for yourself, you will notice that attention will focus on you. You will see the doors open for you and new blessings appear in your life.

Overall, this will be one of the most magical years we have ever encountered.

We only need to make our own joy and well-being our top priority, and everything else will follow.

May this new year 2019 bring you the happiest, best, and richest blessings you have ever experienced!

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


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