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Easter every day

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Easter every day

Christ is Risen!

Friends, we sincerely congratulate you on Easter! Each of us has come a long way, and today we all rejoice and rejoice in the resurrected Lord. I want to repeat again and again:

Christ is Risen! Χριστος Aνεστη! Christus resurrexit!

Two thousand years ago, Christ conquered death. People get sick and die, there are wars on the planet, we mourn for the dead, often fear death … But Christians stubbornly repeat: "Christ has risen, and life dwells."

How is this "no death" when it is? Orthodox theology explains in detail why this is so, the answers are in the books – this is not about that. Christ’s victory over death is the daily reality of my life. I see this victory every day.

Will it be Easter?

Easter holiday has always been for me abroad, which divides into "before" and "after." It seemed impossible to plan something on “after Easter”: would it be Easter, would it be? Passion Week passed in suspense, I waited for Easter with awe and reliable. And only on Sunday evening it was possible to exhale and look around: so, what are we having there in the second half of spring?

The time has passed, I became a “business man” (downright according to the “Little Prince”!) And learned to plan my schedule regardless of church holidays. Sometimes it seems to me that church services have ceased to be as significant to me as in childhood; it seems that I don’t care whether I visited the temple on Passionate this year or not.

But when I look deep into myself, I realize that this enthusiastic nine-year-old boy still lives in me. He still freezes from singing “Today Hangs on a Tree”, with the same trepidation waiting for the temple to be dressed in white clothes on Great Saturday, experiencing the same delight from the Easter procession: “Your Resurrection, Christ the Savior, the angels sing in heaven …” . Well, thank God, then all is not lost: I have not yet turned into a walking computer, my heart is alive in my chest, it can be surprised and rejoiced.

Easter every day

A similar feeling arises in me whenever a necessary amount is collected for another of our wards. On the one hand, I understand that thousands of people come to our site every day, that purely statistically one of them will want to respond to the request … On the other hand, when I think of hundreds of strangers who just call their hearts to help others – I I can not believe it. In this world it does not happen.

Every donation on our website is Easter, this is the triumph of Christ over sin and death, over this world, where every man for himself. Every day you perform another small Easter miracle. Thanks you!

Christ is Risen!

Help is needed
To make Easter every day

In February of this year, the “Tradition” fund lost its main source of funding. At the moment, thanks to your help, we will be able to work fully until October 2014. What will happen next – is still unknown.

You can make it so that for many more years the joy of Easter lit thousands of hearts every day. Make a regular donation so that the portal staff can work stably every day: create and place the best Orthodox books, receive and check requests for help, fill out endless papers, publish requests, write news … and most importantly, give hope.

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