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Earth vibrations are not suitable for all souls. 01/08/2019.

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Earth vibrations are not suitable for all souls. 01/08/2019.

My constellation sent a group of stellar souls to incarnation on Earth. Such a star landing. Times about Jesus and his team (then there were many such). The mission was: to settle on the ground and raise the vibration to unconditional love. To live locally, where they were born. Such is the planetary treaty. And it turned out that they failed. The energies of the earth are too heavy. And among the stars from the transformation of energy, pride began to play and the history we know about in the Testament went.

If they did not move, but simply transformed their high energies and grounded a little, they would develop schools in the area and would be known as wise men. And they went “walking around the world” and they were all transferred to the dead space. They hit samsara. Having lost most of their energy, they turned into fragments from those “first”. And for many centuries living life on Earth, falling lower and lower (in terms of energy). Many just eat all and sundry. And terrestrial structures, and small lands, animals, and Customs. And some religions even introduced parts of their minds into their cores and channels, thus exploiting and profiting from their vibrations and capabilities. This is about those who are called “holy”.

Many celebrities do not have a program to protect against earthly negatives. Immunity is not. Adaptation mechanisms are not working or little functional, unstable. There is no vibration stabilizer. Many do not know how to align energy. They have a very high level of vibration and are simply being pulled down to lower vibrations when they are eating. That's how it happened.

In the session from the Higher Self I heard a message from him that this is the last incarnation on Earth and we will be brought out on the basis of a complete agreement with the Earth.

How to display?

Differently … at a convenient moment … a channel will appear next to the Divine channel and will be taken there, but in order to fly there you need to be energetically light, at least karma. In this channel, the energy is very thin and high vibration. Dirty and negative energy will not pass. It is important to clean and comply with energy hygiene until the right moment.

Most stellar are now to the Northern part of the Earth, it is Russia, Canada, partly the United States, but less there (Alaska). Why are these cold regions? Because the level of vibration is different here. There are crystals in the structure of the Earth. They nourish and increase the vibrational field and frequency of energies. In this way spiritual growth occurs in such Souls and the assembly of parts. In this zone there are quite a lot of them and there are plenty of resources to gather and free themselves. Learn about each other.

To date, only 20% has been derived.
It is a very interesting fact that we participated in a global space experiment. Our Souls (energy) mixed with the Souls of earthlings and other objects. Thus, a new race of people has grown. They are more functional and adapted to life on this plane. Our kids. Their Souls consist of 2 or more parts of a different energy substrate.

I remember the moment of the session about the impact of the hospital egregor. As he drinks all the life force from the body and organs, and then transforms it into a flow of abundance for the creators of the egregore. Moreover, both doctors and patients are subject to this effect.

During general anesthesia, consciousness rises through its own channel to the ulcer and on the way it can be robbed. Take part of the luminosity from certain parts of the energy structure. For example, from the lower centers, if a person does not want to recognize the reality and the fact of what happened to him.

After the session:

Self-discipline Functionality. Ideology Inspiration. A bit of creativity. Sadness I stopped wanting to eat meat. Returned to vegetarianism. The reality has somehow become more structural. There was an interest in working with women. It became internally calmer and more confident that I am going the right way. I wanted to work as a pediatrician. She stopped feeling sorry for herself. Relationship with her husband became deeper and clearer.

Cleaning energy centers brought amazing results in physics. From changes in temperature local reactions to the disappearance of numbness in the muscles. And also it became easier to talk and move. The influx of forces is felt massive. I feel my body whole.

* session of new hypnologists

From comments:

This is not quite true: “many do not have a protection program.”

The security system is stitched in the basic configuration to all who arrived.
Another question is that it does not work here. due to the fact that the planet is in the “pocket” for a long time – the signals arrive broken and are not recognized by the system
and the only option is to reinstall the program and create your own signal base.
You can say "on live bait"))

It works just like immunity: you learn to hear signals, recognize your / someone else, find the source. The signal worked out in this sequence will be automatically recorded (in fact updated) of the central nervous system into the security system directory. And the Body will instantly give all possible options for this moment of your “forgotten” abilities, effectively acting on this group of “violators”.

Publication January 8, 2019

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