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Diary of the crazy benefactor

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Diary of the crazy benefactor

The charity foundation “Tradition” took part in the “Good People” civil society festival, which runs from June 29 to July 7 at the Gorky Park in Moscow. Sergey Bystrushkin shares his observations and thoughts, who was on duty at the foundation's stand from July 1-4. You can still visit him this weekend!

Any person who somehow comes into contact with the theme of charity, mercy and all that is connected with this, should remember one thing – it is not quite normal. Instead of sitting in the office, rowing money with a shovel, he is in the snow and in the cold with an outstretched hand in order to collect for an operation pete. And if he also does this in his free time, instead of lying with the pivasik on the couch or spending time with a girl, then you can be sure: there is one hundred percent abnormal before you.

So, this is an honorary title I tried on myself once again this week. Suddenly (for me) it turned out that our foundation takes part in the charity festival "Good People". “Will there be cookies?” I asked when I realized that I would have to drag my little body every day for several hours to Gorky Park and keep it in a vertical form behind the counter for ghostly fees, because how many such festivals can you collect? ..

After the first four days, I can say that while a truly modest amount has been collected. There are many reasons for this: both the poorly chosen venue of the festival, and the lack of motivation among organizers to attract the attention of potential donors (I will not even take into account performances on the park scene). People come to the park (especially on weekdays) in order to relax, stay with their halves. And they are unlikely to ask questions about the fate of the unfortunate in Irkutsk, and they do not care about the disabled boys and other sufferers. Can you blame them for it? Interest Ask.

Remember, I first said that when going to charity, you need to realize that you are a fool? I would also advise you to stick a sticker on your forehead, tattoo it on your hand or memorize one thing: NEVER PRAISE YOUR ACTIVITY. There is nothing worse than a smug philanthropist. This is worse than a sentimental sadist. And even now I am not speaking from religious positions, but simply from some ontological ones. Looking, as some movie stars and pop stars seem to say, where and what they have done good, you feel some kind of untruth in this. Do not do it this way.

These days were for me the best medicine for the treatment of personal drama, and, probably, standing behind this stand, I realized that in life there is something not so important, but something that can be as expensive for you as you can dedicate life For some reason, I began to understand the experiences of the ancient ascetics who had come out of the comfort zone and put themselves in such conditions that they could twist their finger at their heads. Not that before it was inaccessible to my mind, it was just somewhere far away from me. Before, but not now …

Well, in the past, could I have answered the question “how are you going to spend the weekend?”: “I will go to stand on the stand”? And while my friends were looking for a psychiatrist, I already imagined how from the Vorobyevy Gory metro I would again go to Gorky Park, spread out the wonderful works from the magician Daniil, Gilyarovsky's albums and our priceless donation box. And in the breaks I run to my colleagues from other funds with whom we all got acquainted and even made mutual donations. Life Givers, Nika, Sport for Life, and many other charitable organizations here at this festival have rallied to make the world a little better. Recently, the Avengers made a noise in the movie, and teenagers rushed to play superheroes. But they can be truly, it is enough to simply not pass by those who need your help. These are some of these thoughts that I visit every day when I stand behind the stand. In the evening, happy, I go home. About the same happiness I received eight years ago in nightclubs. Yes, my friends are right, I definitely need to be treated …

Often religious people are thrown into the face of the question: why does God allow tragedies? I roll off naphthalene from it (the question) and give my private local answer, pointing with a crooked finger at the portrait of the boy behind me: “Send SMS to number 3443 with the word PREE 500”. And do not ask too many questions. In the next world we will learn everything. And it is better not to pass by (in the literal sense, I feel hurt there, behind the stand) and do not close your heart. Any tragedy seems distant when you are far away from it. You can talk beautifully over a glass of wine about the tragedies in New Zealand or curse the government for not interfering in human tragedies. And you can look at real life, such as it is, to make it on your site a little better. God created us for co-work. Why should He correct this world alone?

Oh, and I forgot: the benefactor cannot be full. From a prosperous life do not rush to rush to help others, because … Why? At the very best of all, well, you can once a month transfer to the account of some fund a pretty penny, not more. Although I personally do not even know what turned me so far on this path. I did not go to hospices, I didn’t see sick old people. So here – God just wants something from me, sends me somewhere, and I go. No merit really.

Well, that's all. Have you been waiting for any clever thoughts, motivating words? In vain.

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