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Cross and fasting

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Cross and fasting

“The main thing is not to break down and not to despair. Everything is as planned. ”

In the middle of the Forty Decades, a cross will be brought out to the center of the church, and a mournful solemn will sound: "We worship Your Cross, Lord, and praise Your Holy Resurrection."

Why such a rush? In a few weeks, we will bow to the Cross, and we will glorify the Resurrection. Why repeat it?

Lent is a statutory phenomenon, on the one hand, and very personal on the other. As I wrote earlier, you can’t completely ignore it. The charter makes its passage a little easier, removing many of the difficulties of an individual approach: we take the Typicon for the sample, and then slowly “twist” it under our own strengths. But no matter how we make our lives easier, if we limit ourselves at least in something, we’ll get tired in a couple of weeks. Not necessarily physically. We might just get bored. Are you limited in entertainment? Well, as much as possible, I want to go to a concert, dance. Do you smoke half a pack of ladies' cigarettes instead of the usual two packs of Belomor? Yes, I got this smoke of menthol cigarettes, I want a sharp tobacco smell. Do you fast according to the statute, with a dry eater on weekdays? Yes, it is no longer possible to see sour cabbage and oatmeal on the water. What is the point of all this self-flagellation?

In short, your personal desert of passions, which was discussed on the page before last of my diary, becomes empty not only from passions (mainly from the passion of gluttony, and even if you're lucky), but also from meanings.

The main thing is not to break down and not to despair. Everything is as planned. Let me remind you which Promised Land we are going to. Jews walked the Sinai desert for forty years, and here we have a day for a year. We follow Christ to Jerusalem. And there the Cross awaits Him. We look at him again, carefully look.

Crucifixion – a painful and humiliating execution. There is nothing elevated and romantic in it at all – neither the last look from under the guillotine or the gallows, nor the fulfillment of the last desire. And when we look at the Cross of Christ, we must recall the sequence of events: the popular Preacher is accused of crimes against faith and the state, the disciples were frightened and scattered, the Preacher was executed in such a disgusting way. They didn’t even throw stones at fatherly, well, what can you take from them – the invaders, pagans, ritually unclean. And their favorite holiday, Passover, was not given.

The body of Christ is mutilated by the Cross in order to be resurrected in three days and remain on earth forever in the form of the Church. Therefore, we chant the Cross, the weapon of victory, the bridge to the Resurrection.

Our bodies get tired of the restrictions in order to celebrate Easter in a few weeks – all together, the One Body of Christ, His Church. Therefore, we continue fasting, weapons against our personal darkness, our personal bridge to the Resurrection.

The comparison is somewhat pompous, but quite visual. Our fast before the suffering of the Cross is as insignificant as the humiliating hasty execution of envy. And from this insignificance and humiliation joy is born. But she still has to go and go. The direction is indicated by an arrow lying on a lectern cross.

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